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  1. I joined the special forces when I was 16. At the time a detachment of the United Nations army was stationed in Italy, as it was present in each of the other countries of the union. I was a street kid, a brawler with no future always ready for some robbery and beatings in exchange for little money. I once met a document forger while on a job, so the opportunity presented itself to take on a new identity and join the army and start over. I didn't know what I was getting into… A year later, in 2009, they sent my contingent to a town on the south coast of Chernarus called Elektrozavodsk. We had a simple job to do, keeping the tensions of the civil war in check. During this time I met Mila, the one who would shortly be the mother of our son Dobry. When Russian forces had re-established control of the region, NATO called back its troops. So I decided to leave everything behind, take my leave and stay and live a simple life with my wife and son and do my part to help the post-war reconstruction. At the end of January 2016, ChDKZ soldiers came looking for me because they had some questions to ask me. Lopotev had recently been assassinated and the successor Bernarus sent the army to make sure that everyone among the population was in favor of the Russian federation. My background in the NATO forces made me a possible suspect, but they initially found nothing on me. So I tried to save my family and run away from the city, but in the newspapers my name already appeared as one of the rebels. Their staging was working, now I was the enemy. I got ready as quickly as possible to move with Mila and Dobry to the mountains, to the safe refuge I had built, hoping never to be forced to use it, it was not easy, it took me a day too long. The morning we were due to leave, I was returning home with the last supplies. The soldiers had already arrived on the spot, they didn't see me coming, but they had already taken my family. Their orders were to take us away with them and force us to confess that we are traitors to the Republic. The soldiers that day, unfortunately ,found a more practical solution to leave no witnesses. First they shoot my son Dobry,so Mila threw herself screaming at our son's inanimate body and the military continued to shoot mercilessly. Blinded with rage, I attacked them with my old service pistol that I still carried with me. Without hesitation I shot in the head one of the soldiers who fell heavily to the ground, the rest turned towards me and fired. Desperate and once again having lost everything, I fled to the forest and I managed to make them lose my track and hide in the shelter. And this is where I have been for the last few years, until the blackout forced me to return...
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