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  1. Thomas was born and raised in Orlando, FL with his mother and father (Mark and Heather). Thomas was an only child in the family and worked with his mother and father. His parents owned a local dispensary named "Brightside" which is worked as a bud trimmer until he was done with school. During his school years, he had nobody with him. He was that kid where everybody loved the idea of him, but nobody really liked him because he was not really an outgoing type of guy. He tried making friends but he overtime, he realized that he makes everyone feels uncomfortable and so he started to pick up a habit where he pushes people away from him so they don't get too close. Still, deep down he always cared for other people's emotions and how they feel. He always thought to himself that he didn't have a great personality so that lead him to think over the years that God's plan for him was to be alone. And he accepted it. While, accepting it he started to think about his future plans. His father wanted him to take over the dispensary but he always thought about traveling and seeing life the way how it was portrayed. A year after finishing high school, he saved enough money to buy a decent camera. Every single day after his shift, even on his days off, he went to the beach to take breathtaking shots of the sunrise, the ocean, or life along the ocean. He even would take trips along the downtowns strip of the coast of Florida and snag beautiful shots of the town life and he would upload them a public app for inspiring photographers. A company in Florida took an interest in his work and asked Thomas to meet them for an interview. 3 years later, Thomas was working for the company and was moved out and on his own, as he always was. One day, Thomas was called in for job. He was to head over to Chernarus to photograph the current events happening of the Frenzy Flu. When he arrived, the nation was at a panic but he was soon met with a translator named Bor to guide him around for the job. Bor showed Thomas the placed that Thomas will be staying at for the duration of the job. Little did Thomas know, that was the last time he ever saw Bor. Thomas got settled in his apartment in a city called Svetlojarsk. 2 days after his arrival, in the darkest of the night, chaos bloomed out. Gunshots, screaming, and helicopter flybys were nonstop for 13 hours and then silence. Thomas didn't leave his apartment for days because he had food that would last him for only a week. The day he finally stepped out, he realized something. That day, he felt more alone than ever.
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