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  1. Ty Gates, Grew up in The Smog covered Streets of Pittsburgh, Raised by A hardworking Single Mother and four siblings, Most of the time you can catch him out playing in the close by woods or learning about the outdoors and all of different aspects about nature and how to survive off of it. Growing up he worked in the steel mines his whole teenage and 20s until the once steel capital of the world declined. So Ty felt he needed to do something different in his life to accomplish something so he joined the US MARINES, Once enlisted Ty flourished becoming one of the most elite marksmen and Sharpshooters in the world, He served 20 years in the Marines until he got honorable discharged for taking multiple rounds in combat. After his service Ty turned to weed to cope with his injuries, So he moved to chernarus to grow weed and live out his days but then the outbreak happened now he moves around to try to find his medicine and maybe come across some like-minded people and allies, Who can work together to stay alive and just maybe find away to make the world work again?.
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