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  1. David O'Hara was the second son of Eoghan and Moira O'Hara, younger brother to Michael. Though their initial hopes were for both of their sons to attend University, the first of the family to do so, life continued its' habit of getting in the way. The death of Moira from metastatic bowel cancer came only months ahead of Eoghan's standoff with the local paramilitary, refusing to pay their extortionate protection fee, and daring to pray to the same god in a different way. Moving to a new town, the O'Hara family would last perhaps six months, maybe a year, before the local chapter of the paramilitary would identify them, one man with two young boys, and come hounding after them, intent on killing Eoghan, and his sons, if necessary. Soon they became tired of settling into a community only to uproot and move, and Eoghan took it upon himself to raise his two boys, making their safety a priority over giving them a 'normal' lifestyle. It began with teaching them to light campfires, then to hunt rabbits. Poaching became their shopping, climbing trees and archery were their childhood games. This was not a conventional childhood, but it was a happy one. The boys grew up even closer than most brothers, closer than twins, and with Eoghan juggling his roles as father, teacher, protector and provider. Such a balance came tumbling down when he was finally caught and murdered by the paramilitary who had followed them down the long years, but he had done his job. He had raised his boys to adulthood, and they understood the futility of vengeance or attempting to live out their lives on the run in their homeland. Working jobs across Europe as gamekeepers, groundsmen, hunters and woodsmen, they eventually found their way to the black mountains of Chernarus a mere two years before the outbreak. Left with nobody in the world but one another, they face the challenges ahead and the responsibility to live out the lives that their parents died to preserve.
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