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  1. Born in Northern Ireland, Michael's family quickly relocated from their hometown, following the death of his mother at age six, due to the ongoing issues with Paramilitary forces, his father being a former member of a local pro-catholic faction. Relocation followed relocation and still the trouble did not stop for the O'Hara family, with villains continuing to trail them, spurred on by feud and pride. Realizing that settling in one place would inevitably bring pursuit and eventual discovery, Michael's father made the bold move for them to actually adopt this lifestyle, living off the land and holding no fixed abode. As a formal education was therefore impossible, Michael's father taught his sons the skills of his father, their grandfather, namely those of woodsmanship and hunting. Though unable to describe a mitochondria, Michael and his brother quickly became adept at tracking, hunting, conservation and living off the land. A campfire was their kitchen, a tent their bedroom. Their father's plan to evade their enemies had seemed a good one, until one fateful night when he ventured into a nearby town for supplies, and ran into a small group of paramilitary men at the local pub, who recognized him. His father never came back from that trip. Now only seventeen and eighteen, the O'Hara brothers realized they would only meet the same fate if they remained within their homeland, and left Ireland forever. Relocating halfway across the world, they found work across Europe. France and Germany, Italy and Spain, Austria and Poland. Work was easy enough to find, as few wanted the task of sleeping in the wilds, looking after managed deer populations or keeping predators in check. Eventually their work took them to Russia in 2010 and to Chernarus in 2018, after the countryu had been made an offical part of the Russian Federation. The outbreak took them by surprise, having not been paying attention to news and media, only learning of the Frenzied Flu after a chance run-in with local soldiers who had been maintaining a blockade. Reliant on each other, the brothers now need to find a way to survive what is to come, whilst not forgetting the lessons of their past.
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