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  1. Logan was born in an orphanage in a small rural town in Idaho. At an early age he realized that the world has no meaning and nobody knows anything. Logan as a teenager discovered the tenets of Satanism and began to hold them in the highest regard as the peak of morality. When he reached the age of 21 in mid 2018 he believed that the western world had become too Christian and the word of god had infected the political world, seeking a place to settle far away from the west Log decided to settle in the Chernarus region to try and live a peaceful hermit life. When living in the woods alone it becomes harder on a person to differentiate reality from dream, and soon Log found himself in the presence of what he thought was a "Leshy" a Russian forest spirit that was said to roam the woods he was now trying to live in. Knowing that the "spirit" would not take kindly to him just moving in to the undisturbed woods he proceeded to make offerings of sweets and local livestock. After approximately 6mo Log knew it would be time to restock his pantry and procure more ammo. Little did he know a few months after moving in the 2nd wave of the Frenzied Flu struck, living a peaceful hermit life Log did not go into the city very often and was completely baffled by the large quarantine measures and overall emptiness of towns. When the borders closed Log was mostly unaffected and decided to just try and wait the pandemic out hermit style, this worked for a while until a local gang learned of his location and raided his supplies. Feeling an overwhelming sense of injustice he proceeded to call on the "Leshy" for help. For the next few months Log perceived himself as the Leshy enacting his revenge from coating the outside of their homes in feces in the night to trying to find packs of Frenzied Flu victims to lead into town. When things began to quiet down and the last of the villagers had fled or become infected Log finally retired back to the Chernarus woods.
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