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  1. Marcus lived a simple life with his family in Portugal. His grandparents and great-uncles initially immigrated there in the 60s for more work opportunities and to avoid local Chernarus conflicts. His Chernarussian mother met his Portuguese father of African descent and Marcus came into the picture not too long after. They did live a peaceful life, until his grandparents went back to Chernarus in the 90s, since his great-grandparents fell ill, only remaining his parents, his younger sister and Marcus himself in Portugal. Although he was raised in a military way due to his family’s background, he studied translation and computer sciences. His family were honest, hard-working people living in the countryside that taught him how to grow crops since a tender age. When his own grandparents fell ill due to old age in early 2018, Marcus’ parents went back to Chernarus to take care of them. Hesitant to go to this new country he only heard of in his mother’s stories, Marcus followed his parents as he wanted to explore this new and “liberated” Chernarus. In 2019, when the virus broke out and the country descended into madness, his parents were caught in the mayhem and didn’t make it. This destroyed his morale, as he wasn’t there to help them and lost track of his younger sister, not knowing if she’s still alive, dead or if she has turned due to the mutation. Nowadays, Marcus only tries to survive as best as he can and hopes one day to find his sister.
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