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  1. Mark grew up in Amsterdam as an only child, however, he didn't like the city at all. He always felt attracted to the outside. Every year, Mark and his parents went camping in the north of Chernarus in the summer. Mark was 16 years old. He was on his way to Chernarus with his parents. It was a nice sunny day. His dad was driving for 14 hours straight and they were tired. They decided to stop on the side of the road and set up camp there. While they were setting up the tent, a car approached. It was a black van, pretty old, and the front left headlight was broken. When the car arrived at their camp, it slowed down dramatically. Mark looked up and he saw two masked men sitting in the front, looking at them. Mark got scared, but they drove off. Mark and his parents had a great time, but when they were sitting around the campfire at night, They heard a car. Mark looked up and saw one light coming towards them. It was the same van. But this time, the van didn't drive past. It stopped. The same masked men rushed out of their van, both heavily armed. His parents, not knowing what to do, started screaming for help. Mark was laying face down on the ground. Then, two loud gunshots were heard and suddenly the screaming stopped. Mark was terrified. He heard the men talk, but he did not understand a word. After 10 long minutes, he heard the engine of the van starting. They drove off. Mark waited for the sound of the car to fade away into the darkness, and when he opened his eyes, he saw both his parents shot dead. He broke into tears. Who were these men? Why did they kill his parents but left him? Did they not notice him laying on the ground? All of their valuables were stolen, including their phones. He waited for a long time for someone to drive past, but no luck. This went on for a couple of weeks, in the meantime burying his parents, and a lot of crying. But then on a sunday afternoon, a car passed. Mark was screaming on the middle of the road, so the car would stop, and it did. A man got out. He was in his twenties, Mark asked if he could join him to his destination. When the man, named Petrov as Mark would later find out, asked what he was doing here, in the middle of nowhere, Mark didn't want to say what happened. He jumped in the back of his car and they drove to a small village called Polesovo. There, he was welcomed into Petrov's house. Petrov said to mark he could stay for a week. In this week, Petrov and Mark were becoming good friends. One week became two weeks, two weeks turned into a month and a month turned into several years. When the outbreak happened, Mark and Petrov did everything to protect Polesovo and its citizens. But one day, a horde of infected approached and they couldn't hold it anymore. A lot of people died that night, including Petrov. Mark had fled the town. Nowadays, Mark is a lone wolf, trying to survive inbetween infected, bandits, gangs and groups. His main way of surviving is hunting, because that's what he loves to do.
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