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  1. Born in Ireland, as a young boy, his father had received word of better and prosperous work in North America. At the age of 3, his family moved overseas into a quaint little town in Alaska. Spending most of his youth learning how to hunt as for it is needed to survive the harsh winters provided by the climate, he grew fond of the hunt. A few months after his 18th birthday his father past away due to a strange virus that caused his body to slowly deteriorate and eventually stop functioning altogether. His mother, driven mad with guilt over losing her husband, would soon be enrolled in the local but house. After losing both his mother and father, Shawn would go on with his hunting and sell the pelts and furs for anything he could to make a living. One day whilst hunting near the Western coast of Alaska, Shawn heard of a ferry that was headed over to a place called Chernarus for the plentiful wildlife, and emence opportunity. Without a second thought, Shawn made his way over to the ferry that was leaving and to his surprise, was able to sneak onto the ship without being noticed. Once he arrived and found his way inland, he started to realize that something had happened here... but he didn't know quite what it was.
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