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  1. Growing up was tough, I didnt get to play like the other kids, it was always just me and my sister getting into trouble. My dad always had lots of friends round and we had to stay in our room and out the way, dad was very strict about us not coming downstairs when he had people round... the older I got the more inquisitive I became about what dad was doing, the other kids at school would argue about whos dad was better and what he did but I had no idea, if he was home he was with his friends, the rest of the time it was business trips, and whenever I asked him he would tell me it doesnt matter, he just has to go away for a few days. In mid 2019 he said he was having to go abroad for a few weeks, as usual he wouldnt say where, we just got the usual goodbye, but this turned out not to be our final goodbye! While dad was away we started hearing chat from his friends who for some reason where still visiting the house, mum just stayed out there way usually but she started to worry when she hadnt heard from him in a couple of days, there was a complication, the deal turned sour, I didnt know what they were on about but it didnt sound good! Eventually mum spoke to me, she told me all about how dad was in with some of the wealthiest drug trafficers in the world, he had went over to oversee some new contract in mainland europe, he didnt tell her where though. I had to go over, see if I could find any trace of him, I spoke with some of his friends, most of them just told me to go away or mind my own business, luckily my uncle was able to get more info from them, he got a contact name for someone that ran things over in eastern Europe, that would have to do, we booked flights and headed over. We werent over there a week when people started getting unwell, this made things even harder for us to find any trace of my dad, people were on edge, keeping to themselves. Soon enough these military blockades started popping up in towns, what was meant to be a trip to find my dad ended up being the beginning of a new life for me and my uncle, atleast until he was gunned down in the street for asking too many questions, now im alone here just trying to survive with no sign of the man whos name we were given and now without my uncle I have no idea what my next move could be
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