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  1. Phil Pervis, owner of a small vacuum business in Kodak Alaska. Phil is as slimy as the pool of sweat that permeates upon his forever glistening bald head. He's always looking to get one up in a deal, though his merchandise has since changed from vacuums to cans of beans. Phil has no family nor girlfriend, though amongst his friends he is jokingly referred to as "Phil the ladies man" at their weekly poker nights. In order to keep operational costs low, Phil would regularly import cheap bootleg vacuums from chernarus and have them shipped across the Northern Pacific. As war swept through chernarus, Phil found it increasingly difficult to locate a supplier for his bootleg vacuums that his business had come to rely on. After organising a once off bussiness trip (which he was sure to claim all of his expenses on tax), Phil landed at Berezino municipal airport before ferrying off to meet with a supplier in Elektrodavsk which he had contacted online. Unfortunately for Phil, the ChdkZ forces had launched a major offensive resulting in all international flights from chernarus being grounded. Staying in a semi-run down share stay, Phil spent many months trapped in Chernarus. Phil was having a 'Finnish breakfast' at a local cafe when the outbreak first hit the news. Up until now he has survived solely on his wit, cunning and shameless ability to rip people off. Phil has limited skills with weapons which he gained from going hunting with his father, though he never had any love for the sport.
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