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  1. Eleonora Ivanovich was born in Berezino, Chernarus. She lived a happy life until her parents began fighting that lasted several years, until their divorce. During these dark years her brother was the only one who would care for her. She decided to mpve out of Chernarus as soon as she could hold a steady job. When she was 18 she traveled as far as the meager coin that her brother supplied her would carry. She would then bartend and entertain the locals at taverns. While she wanted to go out and travel, her brother decided to stay in their home town. He had fallen in love with another local, and wanted to start his new life with her. Eleonora Ivanovich had been keeping up with her brother, but his sudden silence was worrying her. She decided that it was time to visit Chernarus again in order to check up on him. Who knows, maybe she'll stay and be the aunt that she always wanted to be.
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