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  1. Charlie Mercer was born in Gibsonia, PA in 1995. He spent his childhood playing in the woods and learning medicine from his father, who expected him to become a doctor within the family business. Charlie always had a desire to help people, but becoming a family doctor practitioner seemed too plain to him; too easy. He wanted to help people that needed more help, people around the world. So on his 18th birthday he joined the United States Military as a Combat Medic stationed at Ft. Cambell, KY. In his first four years of service he'd complete two tours of combat. One in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. When it came time to extend his contract with the military he was offered a medic position within NATO; which he eagerly accepted. Over the next three years he would embark on many humanitarian operations all over the globe, lending aid to the citizens of the world. On February 25, 2020 he was dispatched with a small team of four others to Chernarus to help prepare the small country for another upcoming wave of the Frenzy Flu. At first it appeared that they were making real progress, but cases were still popping up regardless, and over the course of the next few months everything would change. One fateful night the team's small outpost had become over run with patients, and received an influx of refugees fleeing from the frenzied. The outpost was soon overrun with frenzied, and many lives were lost. Charlie escorted a few of his patients out into the forest nearby to hide them, but in the morning upon returning to the outpost he'd find the rest of his team killed. The government had slowly been collapsing, and with no real way to get home, Charlie made peace with accepting Chernarus as his new home. He set off, finding ways to live off the land, and still vowing to give medical attention to anyone who required it; no questions asked.
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