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  1. I was born in England and moved over to Chernarus a few months after the Liberation War had ended. My father had been offered a job at the nuclear power plant just north of Elektrozavodsk. At the age of 9 I was a quick study when it came to electrical items, a trait I got from my father. I was trying to run a little computer repair business when the first signs of the FLU started to arise. I was meeting new people everyday not worrying about the virus as I was young a healthy. Unfortunately my father wasn't as he had worked in coal power plants all his life. He quickly became Ill partly because of my incompetence. Not long after the military were enforcing strict quarantine and I was left trying to bring in enough money to pay our bills. After a few months of my mother trying her best to stay healthy and look after my father she too became ill. Both bed ridden I tried my best to do what I could. One day I had received a nice sum of money from a client, with a big smile on my face and hope of buying some medicine. I set off home with the sun setting, as I neared our home I could hear faint screaming in the distance. I rushed upstairs, unlocked the door and to my horror I could hear scratching coming from the my parents room. I slowly walked over and twisted the door handle, this thing that was my father jumped on me pushing me to the floor. I reached my arm out and grabbed the screwdriver that was lying under the table. With a swift swing I stuck it right into it's temple. I pulled the screwdriver out and pushed it off of me. I ran out the door and to the forest never looking back.
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