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  1. This is Levi the wanderer calling to angel-2. I will answer the call and make haste to get the parts you require. I will be making my way towards the objective in search of these parts and will bring back anything I can manage. Wanderer out
  2. Levi’s childhood was that of a normal Scot living in glasgow.With him not having the greatest experience from school he knew from a young age that he would end up in the army. Being from a Celtic household it was surprising to his family that he joined the military which they supported fully. After his application to the Para’s was accepted he jumped head first into his new found profession finding the initial training grueling and deep down he knew he had to persevere. Upon finishing his training he was a replacement put into the Pathfinder platoon of 1 para. Being accepted into the Pathfinder Platoon he really did excel climbing through rank after rank like it was a hurdle in a race. Eventually he became something he never thought of being. Lieutenant Levi Tennent, His name is shouted as he is accepted into SRR training course to be one of the hopeful and join such a prestigious group of soldiers. The following months and months of extra training would be a real task for Levi, But his persistence pushed him forward completing each task as it came, something that was drilled into him from a young age by his parents. Upon passing the course he is then put straight into the SRR and put on multiple operations around the world from the likes of Bolivia, Afghanistan and many more. Showing excellent marksman skills and specialising in reconnaissance from his previous time within the Pathfinder platoon he fitted in well with the SRR, Special Reconnaissance Regiment. The year is 2016 Levi is now faced with a new challenge in his life. He is now part of “Task Force Kingsguard” A multinational objective with men and women hailing from several NATO Countries all coming under the SFOD-D “1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta”. The Task Force is under the umbrella of black operations. Meaning anything that goes wrong will be denied by the countries that are part of this Task Force. He would then meet his fellow members of the new found task force making note of Lexi and Dullahan, his two senior officers. After a lengthy flight in a C-130 Hercules he goes over his gear making sure its all squared away for the jump into the heavily Russian influenced nation of Chernarus, Jumping out of a plane to some would be terrifying but to someone who has done many combat jumps in 1 Para he was at ease with it. He Jumped alongside his squadmates and landed safely another notch on the list of successful jumps he’s done. After being in the country for a short period of time. Anarchy broke out amongst the civilian population as a virus broke out and he was separated from the squad, Hearing the signs of rapid gunfire and being unarmed he resorted to his evasion training to where he now searches for his squad by himself, alone in the death covered country of Chernarus.
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