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  1. Born in Krasnodar Kari to a distinctive couple, his father, Barrett Mazur an American Engineer and Designer working for 3M in Russia, and his mother, Natali Mazur who worked in Healthcare as a Nurse at the Bol'nitsa Hospital. During his formative years, he would be raised in the mixed household at Krasnodar Krai, learning both Russian and English from both his Mother and Father, leading to a natural proficiency in both languages. Though due to being born to both an American and Russian, he would be looked on as different by the other children and combined with his Introverted Nature, which would make him somewhat shy to interact with others. During primary school, he did well in most subjects, even excelling in some, though he struggled with skills such as working with 3d objects, and with seemingly natural attraction at 16, he made the choice to focus his learning on Biology, Chemistry, and the study of the human body with the goal in mind of being a Healthcare Professional, following in the footsteps of his mother. Spending a not-insignificant amount of time learning about medicine even outside the school in order to better himself when the time came to pick a Health Career would help reinforce his choice, he would also enroll in a CNA program in Krasnodar Krai during 2017, working until 2018. During his time as a CNA, he would become very Altruistic, focused on doing as much good as possible for his patients and nurses, though also adopting the principles of non-violence (Pacifism). However in mid-2018 he and his parents would be forced to move due to his father's work, 3M needed to move him to South Zagoria to assist their less experienced engineer team there. Now having seemingly lost it all except for his skill and will to do as much good as he can, he pushes on. Fueled by the Memory of both his Mother and Father and their words to him, coupled with his own Determination to make a difference to those who are left.
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