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  1. Raymond was born in California by an extremely conservative family, his father was in the military; his older brother went into the military and he soon joined after. At the age of 18 he joined the marines and excelled in testing and his training. He was invited in the United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper Battalion, where he specialized in long range marksmanship. After doing 3 tours in Afghanistan he began to develop a little PTSD, and became extremely paranoid mentally. He was starting to feel like the government was just using him purely for his special skills he developed and wasn't necessarily for the greater good but didn't receive much from it, he was convinced by some friends of his unit to leave to best support his family and join Blackwater, and actually make some real money. After serving couple years with Blackwater which had went through some scandals Daniels and their unit decided to create their own private military company (PMC) Tac Corp. Tac Corp as a company did really well and was gaining a lot clients, Daniels was assigned to an escort Green Peace who was stationed in Chernarus. Over time Green Peace felt as if it was too dangerous to say in Chernarus. Leadership of Tac Corp felt it would be a good investment to leave Daniels in Chernarus and find more clientele in the area. Daniels is now in search of people who need protection for contract work.
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