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  1. Rodney Husky was born in Oklee, MN. He graduated from Oklee High School in 2009. After graduating he moved to rural California and began working with the Imperial County Sheriff's Department. While working for the Sheriff's Department Husky began to grow tired of the sand and hot weather. He moved back to Northeastern Minnesota in 2014 and guided tourists on hunting and fishing expeditions. Shortly thereafter he was offered a job with the Department of Natural Resources and began apprehending poachers in the northern Minnesota forests. In late February 2020, Rodney Husky went on a vacation to the country of Georgia. On his return flight, his plane was struck by a group of birds over the Black Sea. Lufthansa flight 301 was forced to make an emergency landing in the Chernarus region. Due to the limited supply of parts in the region, the plane was grounded and no other flights were able to complete the journey. On March 4th, the borders were closed and Husky was stranded in the region.
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