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  1. Urban Usling was born Ubbepuff Usling at 27 grove street in his parents mansion. He was an only child born into a wealthy upper class parents. The young spoiled Urban had a great start of his child actor career in his star role as the christmas pig in Moldovan winter saga, which made his name stand out for his snappy but humorous attitude. After the success young Urban Moved around Soviet, standing on stages showing his great performances, until the day Burnab Den skojjige showed up. A new comedic Genious from Sweden. He has the whole Soviet laughing with his new thinking ideas and funny scetches. Urban was furious and could only think of one thing to do... Take his dads yacht to Sweden and learn from the culture and their humour. This is the first trip from moldova of the adolescent Urban, He brought, a crew of 10 people ,Chefs of diffrent culinary backround, Swedish Language proffesors, maids to cook him dinner and take care of his basic needs on their long journey to sweden, During one stormy night on their second month on the stormy sea, Urban saw a shiny light in a distance. Urban ordered the captain to sail right for the light and head straight trought the eye of the storm... Halway towards the light they're met with a reef with rocks and old ship wrecks from travelers that has ended their journey. The same fate waited Urban and his crew... Crashing straight into the reef, the yacht split in half and everyone fell in to the cold sea. Urban managed to find a plank which could help him stay afloat. And escape the reef. A determined Urban started paddling towards the last known location of the light, he hit shore, a big harbour... But no people, where could he be? With the only guidance being a road sigh saying Черногорск`.... To be continued
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