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  1. Pungus Svettus, Chernarussian born in the small town of Gorka in 1985 to a Chernarussian dad and a Hungarian mother. Before the outbreak, Pungus was working on the family farm. The farm had a few pigs and chickens, but was mainly a farm for various crops such as wheat or rye, depending on the year. Because of his family being poor, a lot of the work on the farm was manual labour. The one and only tractor was to be used sparingly, as replacement parts were expensive. Due to this, Pungus developed quite some strength – because of food supply – quite a belly. In 2003, at the age of 18, Pungus was conscripted by the Russian Armed Forces. Due to his mechanical knowledge from working on the tractor, he was trained as a mechanic to service and repair military vehicles. As all conscripts, Pungus also got extensive combat training, and is thus very capable of handling firearms. He made very good friends with another conscript named Boris from Chernogorsk, and others joked about them being homosexuals. They, of course, denied any such rumors. After his military service, Pungus returned to the farm and kept working there until the Chernarussian civil war. Due to being a conscript, Pungus was called into service in early September 2009 for the Russian Armed Forces, where he was kept busy keeping military vehicles on the road and saw no combat. Boris, who he hadn’t seen since 2003, was stationed at the same facility. Upon his return to the family farm in Gorka after the war, he found out the farm had been burnt down and his family had been brutally murdered by the ChDKZ. They saw it as a betrayal that he was serving for the Russian Armed Forces and took it out on them. Devastated with nowhere else to go, Pungus Svettus moved to Chernogorsk to live with Boris and started work in a local mechanics shop. He quickly gained the respect of his peers due to his mechanical knowledge and immense strength – and was told he should try out wrestling. Pungus decided to try it out, as he felt it could be a good way to relieve himself of the anger of losing his family. He became known around Cherno as ”Big Pungus”, due to his size and his ability to choke out his opponents by simply laying on top of them. Boris was always there to cheer at him. In 2013, Pungus Svettus won the Chernogorsk Wrestling Championship and was awarded 50 000 RUB. It was not a whole lot of money, but it was enough to live off of for one year. Pungus decided to quit his job and focus solely on wrestling. His win also sparked the interest of some sponsors, and he was able to compete in the Russian Wrestling Championship the following year. Finishing fourth, he barely missed the podium. A few weeks later, Boris was killed during a demonstration for gay rights in Moscow. Saddened by his friend’s death, Pungus was determined to become number one. However, he injured a muscle during one too many training sessions, and was unable to compete for a year. After healing, Pungus managed to secure a 2nd place during his return at the 2016 Russian Wrestling Championship. This time, after receiving 500 000 RUB in price money from his 2nd place, Pungus decided to buy a small farm outside Polana to continue the family tradition. He also bought a Lada Niva 4x4 to get around as the roads in the area are quite bad. With the help from a friend he got to know while working as a mechanic in Chernogorsk, Pungus got the hands on a cheap used tractor. After using the tractor for a year, he was not satisfied with the power delivered by the tractor, and decided to tune up the engine a little bit. One small upgrade led to the next and soon he found himself in a bet he made at the local bar with another farmer – his tractor could outpull the other farmer’s. This small bet eventually led to the 2018 Polana Tractor Pulling Championship, as other farmers in the region heard about it and wanted to try it out as well. Pungus held the Championship on his own farm, in September after the harvest, and made a little bit of extra money off of it. He himself did compete but didn’t too well. His tractor, although tuned, was old and couldn’t keep up with the better equipment from some of the larger farms in the region. He used the money he made from hosting the event to buy himself a better tractor, one more suitable for tuning. The following year, he hosted the 2019 Polana Tractor Pulling Championship again. This time, with his new and modified tractor, he absolutely dominated the opponents and set a new bar for what could be done with a tractor. With more and more people interested in the sport, Pungus opened a tractor tuning shop to help out other people who wanted to try out Tractor Pulling, as well as farmers who wanted a little more power out of their old tractors without having to buy a new one. Business was good, and Pungus finally felt he was comfortable with his life – for the first time since before the civil war. Unfortunately, soon thereafter the outbreak happened... Due to Pungus farming, mechanical, and firearms skills, he was well suited to the Post-Outbreak world. Driving his Lada around, growing crops in hidden spots here and there, and hunting animals for food. In July 2020, he made the mistake of drinking a bit too much of homemade Kvass, and totaled his Lada...
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