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  1. Another great time with @Panda as always. Never a dull moment when we meet up!
  2. Had my first official encounter with you fine gentlemen the other day and while my situation was "unfavorable" with you guys, the RP provided to me was phenomenal and kept me hooked. Massive shoutout to @Elmo for his top notch interrogation skills. 5 stars on Yelp for Cerberus International!
  3. Congrats boys on the approval! Much deserved after all the great interactions I had with y'all.
  4. Just had a phenomenal RP experience with you boys! Was nervous at first but glad it all ended well. Cheers!
  5. Had a very interesting encounter with someone from your group today. He comes into our camp; says he might want to hurt me after finding out I was Alastair then proceeds to ask for Pasta then runs away? This felt like bait for us to chase him up to the building where our doctor was captured and tortured. As for the hostage RP, I believe there needed to be more given to us as you had our doctor radio us with two demands and then said further demands would be given later on but we never ended up getting anything and you just hurt our doctor then ran away?
  6. Met @22ozer today and had a great interaction with him. Solid RP all around and hopefully I get to meet the others!
  7. Carl POV: We were radioed that one of our boys ( @JoeRogan) woke up in NWAF and that we should help him loot the whole place. As I was getting geared up and ready to move out with @[email protected] Zaitsev and @DocJeremy we were radioed that @JoeRogan spotted someone and that he might need help so we decided to book it to NWAF asap. Once arrived near the northern tents I radioed to @Joe Rogan that we were close to his position and he then explains that he has a good plan. If Joe gets spotted, Raymond, Doc, Me, and Ruslan are to hold him and whoever else is around him up and claim that we're looking for a "hobo" which fits the way @JoeRogan was dressed and take him away. To our surprise @Joe does end up meeting with someone and we found that out because he was double micing via radio and at this point we were all extremely close to his position which was the Northern barracks . Raymond and I were on one flank and Doc and Ruslan were on the other. @Vasily Zaitsev radioed that he would take primary initiation and that we were all to flank at the right time and circle them, which we did. Once we got both subjects to have their hands up @Zanaan and @JoeRogan were searched. I believe Ruslan took nails from Zanaan and I took 7.62x39 and some 5.56 and 1 metal wire. We left him with his gun and the majority of his other supplies. I told Zanaan to lay on the ground with his hands over his head and count to 60 Mississippi's while we ran away with our "hobo" before any of his friends were to show up.
  8. Growing up in Yorkville Ontario was super average and easy. Carl on the other hand always wanted to find a way to get himself into trouble. He grew up an only child with a dad working in the military and a mom who stayed at home. He never had any huge challenges on his upbringing. All his parents wanted was for him stay in school and maintain decent grades. But like every kid, Carl wanted to act up and get into whatever type of trouble he wanted to. During his middle school days, he was the kid who would fight the biggest person around to prove himself as the best in whatever scenario he could and that gave quite a negative reputation for him. High school was where it began to get bad for Carl. He racked up a few misdemeanor charges for theft before his graduation and that was a breaking point for Carl’s parents. Steve, Carl’s dad took control and forced Carl to enlist into the Canadian military right after high school to learn how to take discipline and grow into a proper adult. At first Carl hated it but as he completed his basic training and entered sniper school Carl felt a true passion for the military. After serving two tours in Iraq Carl decided to leave the military and pursue other routes of life. Once Carl left the military he never really felt the passion he once had and decided get into security work for people of high status where he could still use the skills that he had learned from the military. After doing that for a few years, Carl began learning about the Chernarussian Civil war and how the ChDKZ was founded and wanted war against the government. He packed his bags and travelled to Chernarus to begin seeing where he could help. Once he got in contact with with ChDKZ he immediately “enlisted” and helped them fight against the Chernarussian government. He became a part of a small sniper group which would scout out small camps throughout the battle zone in which Carl and his men would eliminate. Around the end of the war when the ChDKZ won, Carl finally decided to enjoy the civilian life where he would no longer deal with wars or any sort of conflict. He decided to fly back home to Canada for a bit to visit family and finally let them know where he was and at that point Carl’s father was extremely ill and passed away due to lung cancer. That event completely ruined Carl as his father in the end was one of his biggest motivators in life even with their weak relationship in his youth. After spending time with family and attempting to figure out what Carl wanted to do with his life he decided that it was best for him to move to Chernarus permanently and figure out everything on his own as he no longer had any motivation to live in Canada. He scored a welding job with a small company and began his regular life. He had gotten his dual citizenship eventually and decided that a wife and kids was never going to be a thing for him due to his personality of being a solo soul. Life went on for Carl until talks of the epidemic came up. Carl always wanted to prepare for the worst so he began stock piling food and other supplies to ensure that if there was an outbreak, he would be ready. A few months later Carl’s fear was right and the outbreak began and luckily Carl had enough supplies to last him a year… Once those supplies depleted, well then it would be up to him to use all his training over the years to survive and make sure that he would help anyone in need unless of course he was crossed by somebody.
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