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  1. Yet again had another great interaction with this group last night and I have yet to have any complaints with the RP given to me. Since the bad apples were filtered out I've seen a massive 180 in terms of quality from these lads. Keep it up!
  2. Thanks for the fun times @ImRabbit and others. Always a pleasure interacting with any of you. o7
  3. I believe immersion would be better with a server wide voice broadcast compared to text. +1 from me.
  4. Figured I would finally post some feedback on this group. I want to start with just saying a huge thanks to @ImShedand @ImRabbitfor always giving me top notch RP even if its just a basic conversation. I have not interacted with all of you but whenever I get the chance to meet up with any of you its nothing but a great time. I think my favourite time so far was you all rolling up to my little campfire where we had a little fist fight competition and even though it was small its something that I always remember when VK is brought up IC. I know I'm late but huge congrats to all of you for the approval and hope to see more of you soon. Keep it up!
  5. Had my first encounter with some of you last night at the airfield. While it was a short interaction, it was straight to the point and I personally enjoyed the tense situation about paying my "taxes". Appreciate the RP and hope to meet the others eventually.
  6. Very Nice! Good luck with the group, hope to see you guys around!
  7. Simon grew up in a small settlement on the coast of North Sydney, Nova Scotia. He was part of a small crew filled with Traders, Engineers, Mechanics and Doctors and only knew the peaceful lifestyle other than the global pandemic that was corrupting the world. His group was attempting to fix up a large fisherman vessel to eventually leave the coast and explore other parts of the world. That would take weeks for the engineers and mechanics to fix the ship so with all that time available Simon had picked up the basic survival skills by one of his mentors named Garrett. Garrett was an elderly man who took Simon in when he was found in a collapsed house at a young age with no knowledge of Simon's parents. Garrett had acted as a father figure to Simon and made sure that Simon would be ready when the day would come that he would be all alone. Once the vessel was finished being repaired Simon and his group took sail into the Atlantic ocean with no destination in sight. Life at sea was calm and peaceful with enough food to last them months if needed. One particular evening there was a deadly storm in which the waves were hard to maneuver around and eventually the vessel had hit a wave on the coast of Norway which had disabled it. There was a small scouting party that had found the crashed ship and checked on if any survivors were present and to their surprise they found Simon and the rest of the group. They had spoken highly about about a large settlement in Nyheim that habited tons of people and that there was a governing body there to help. It was decided that Simon and his group would make the travel to this large settlement and began making the hike on foot. Garrett had fallen ill on their journey and eventually ended up passing away but Simon knew he was ready to survive on his own. Conflict within the group had risen and everyone went on their separate ways once they had entered Nyheim and it was up to Simon to figure out what to do now.
  8. *you would hear your radio come to life and hear a male voice* "Lonely you say? Up north there is a compound that we The Mustangs run, we're always accepting of new faces feel free to stop by, or look for someone with a blue armband. Ask for Lochlan. Be safe out there." *Radio cuts out*
  9. Giving streaming a try a tonight.



  10. Tonight was some of the best RP I've had since I joined. Tons of things happening and I'm excited to see how things play out. Thanks @Miniburts03 @Thrynn for a fun time!
  11. Hello and Welcome! Hope to see you around
  12. Another great time with @Panda as always. Never a dull moment when we meet up!
  13. Had my first official encounter with you fine gentlemen the other day and while my situation was "unfavorable" with you guys, the RP provided to me was phenomenal and kept me hooked. Massive shoutout to @Elmo for his top notch interrogation skills. 5 stars on Yelp for Cerberus International!
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