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  1. Inspector Carden was born into a wealthy family in Bradford, England. He had a uncomplicated childhood and regular troubled teenage years. Inspector Carden always kept track on his education, got his A levels and went to university in Berlin to study Law. During his university years he also met his future wife Sarah. Shortly after he graduated his parents became Sick and he traveled back to England to look after them. Sarah did not graduate yet and had to stay in Germany to write her final exam. Cadens father died due to his illness and his mother was in bad condition aswell. Inspector Carden stayed in touch with Sarah by writing emails and SMS since he needed to stay and take care of his mom. During this time he started to work as an Detective to financially support his mom. A few month passed by and sadly Emely Carden died. Inspector Carden now wanted to travel back to Germany to meet with Sarah. A few week before the flight back to germany Sarah wrote a message to Carden stating that she wants to go Chernarus to support the Victims of Military Violence Lawfully. Carden wanted to join in but Sarah refused and said she will be back in 1 year and that this would be a good time to gather experience alone. Time passed by. Carden was still working as a Detective in England and stayed in touch with Sarah via Internet. Then one day he recieved a wierd SMS from Sarah stating the followong text: "They are coming ! Please i will leave all information you need in my Flat located at Belozersk. You need to come over here and help me. I dont have more time to explain. i love you
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