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  1. Varus shien was born in 1996 directly before the fall of the soviet union and was orphaned as a child after his parents died in a horrific car accident. Due to him being alone he was placed in a orthodox roman orphanage and through his growing as a child took to the fervent preaching of the ministers in the church. At the age of 18 he was selected to go through ministry to be officially ordained as a priest and given a parish of his own. He was placed in a remote church in the luhansk region of Ukraine to train under other priests until his ministry was complete. On the onset of the Ukrainian war Varus chose to flee to a orthodox church in the Kiev region and minister for the Ukrainian military as a chaplain. The choice for him to serve the Ukrainian military instead of the Russian backed rebels angered his superiors and he was excommunicated as a heretic. Varus with nowhere else to go took up arms with the Ukrainian military to fight against the Russian backed rebels in hopes of his front line sermons inspiring the Ukrainian troops to fight harder and increase moral. After 3 years of brutal war Varus was disheartened by the progress of the Ukrainian military and officially left service to exile himself to the Chernarus region for he heard of tales of ungodly horrors appearing in the region and saw this as his eternal punishment his god had given him.
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