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  1. Sadie was born in Berezino where his dad was a ex military's turned police man, his whole life he wanted to join the military like his father and trained in guns and hand to hand combat for most of his teenage rears... hoping to impress his father, shortly after graduating high school he signed up to join the military. Then everything happened out of no where, after the dust cleared and people slowly began to come out of hiding his family decided to head north to try to find people and help for Sadie's brother Eric who needed medicine, after a day of going north they ran into to what they believed to be helpful people... after a day of being with them they turned on the family killing Sadie's parents in front of him and getting away with most of their supplies, after this day Sadie vowed to kill every bandit he every ran into. After catching up with the bandits and getting revenge it didn't cleanse his thirst for justice and he began to hunt bandits and people like them . One night after his brother realized that they slowly were becoming the people they had sworn not to be he left in the middle of the night out of fear of what his brother would do to him. No one knows what side he is on but he is still out there...
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