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  1. Mad is a moscovian from the beginning although his parents are born and raised in America. They were working in the American embassy in Moscov. He have been very lonely in his years in Russia. He had a hard time addapt himself to the life in Russia as well as his parents. His father and mother was murdered by a group of outlaws who acted on behalf of the Russian goverment. He was sent home to his Grandmother in Detroit. But his life didn't become any better in America. During his younger years he was a troubled kid who had trouble in school. And he became more and more distant the the people around him. Even though he acting in anger and got himself mixed up in pretty bad things during his teen years. He have a mind like nothing other. He see's things in a different way. He have a analytical mindset that made him grow a name of himself on the streets in Detroit. The biggest gang at the time "The Circus" heard about him. The leader took him since Mad was only in his upper teen's at the moment. James the leader made Mad a machine. He tought him the strategic aspects of running a organized criminal gang. He tought him the ropes the hints and tricks. Which made him valuable. He started to feel like he belonged somewhere. And he had his family. After he broke himself free from the Circus. He have been wandering the streets along searching for a new family, a new life. The searching continues maybe he will find a new such group or he just might go back to the Circus again.
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