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"I like to remember things my own way!"

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  1. God yes! Please give us NVG's!
  • Hunter

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    @yuthee What about the twist betrayal?! I wasn't aware at all that was going to happen. Was more or less so they could give me talking to and get their member back in line, but shit I thought even I WAS DEAD!
  • Hunter

    Amendment to NLR/New Character Creation Rule

    I'm gonna have to say no on this one as to have had multiple characters with interconnecting story lines. I feel if it is not being abused, and is strictly used to further the RP experience for those involved and around you, than it should be allowed. For example, I had 2 characters, one a normal guy, and one a psycho. In order to explain for the absence of the normal guy, it was introduced that the psycho character of mine was holding the normal one hostage, torturing and questioning him, etc., and the story that branched off of it I would say was one of the most interesting things I'd say for many, if not all the people involved in it heavily, eventually leading to a full on rescue mission and death of the psycho character.
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    One more status update to see if it fixes my profile now.

  • Hunter


    Also, you green dragon boys make it real annoying to pass through Kab now... not for the guns or anything but the fact I can't get in to the fountain XD You bastards!

    1. OxeN


      wonky tonky modafoka

  • Hunter


    When the diamond Rcon perk don't work 


  • Hunter

    Rcon Diamond Perk

    Hopefully! Maybe a temporary workaround could be made where if an admin is on discord or something we can ask them to write the message for us if the website one doesn't work? Shouldn't be too troublesome I feel considering there is only 8 diamonds and we all have a 24 hour cooldown on it.
  • Hunter

    Rcon Diamond Perk

    @Pontiff I was told that some people have successfully already done it though possibly? Maybe not? Hopefully we figure dis out then haha It would be nice to know whether or not I can use this yet.
  • Hunter

    Rcon Diamond Perk

    I was told to come here and ask for help from the big man himself. @Roland, last night, I had attempted to send an rp radio message using Rcon since it is one of our perks, however the message never got sent and never showed up in game over Rcon. Any ideas?
  • Hunter

    Page 9

    @DaRsnn Yes mate!
  • Hunter

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Pussy You as well! Was fun running into you and the odds that both you and Embla are vegetarian is actually amazingly funny to me! @enjtheartist89 Had fun taking you hostage and getting some info out of you. May the carbonated sugar water I provided you bring you much refreshment. @Cocomii Why you make Lukas feel like not all foreigners are bad?!
  • Hunter

    Gud bevare Danmark (God preserve Denmark)

  • Hunter

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    5/10 forever known as stan
  • Hunter

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    6/10 needs matching themes!
  • Hunter


    Butto Cat!


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