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  1. Hunter

    And nobody's crying but me

    Drake you gotta spell it right It’s Morgun! Also you ain’t seen his face yet since his little incident either haha you best be ready to update your journal if you ever do.
  2. Hunter


    Day 1 of classes starting back up and it hits me I have to spend 14 hours on campus for classes and work on Mondays and Wednesdays. Big yikes! 8 AM to 10 PM

  3. Hunter

    And nobody's crying but me

    Really nicely written! I know who this is and what its about XD Oh boy, this is gonna be interesting.
  4. Hunter

    Add Developers to Staff feedback section

    Exactly. @As You Were X They do not act as a voice for staff among the community. They merely are players of the community as well just like you and me, but the only difference being that they also create stuff for the server. If you ever feel that anybodies conduct on the forums are inappropriate or something is wrong to the point you want a feedback thread made for them, then you can make a report about it to staff and they will take care of it, whether they have a developer tag or not.
  5. Hunter

    I cannot reconnect

    All good! You a medic in training! Time to perform surgery on them servers XD
  6. Hunter

    I cannot reconnect

    After the server crashed, I am unable to reconnect. I keep getting the above error.
  7. Hunter

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Rest in peace man. Ride on forever eternal.
  8. Hunter

    • Hunter
    • RogueSolace

    *Looks into the about me*

    sees SWTOR  RP....

    Gets flashbacks to the good old days of me grinding for hours and purchasing the OG rare mandalorian bounty hunter armor for my dual wield bounty hunter.


    1. RogueSolace


      Mando’s are fun! Gotta love it too when you know their honor system better than 90% of the players 😛

      ’you’re doing it wrong!’

      ’you are drunk and thus incapable if rational thought. Screaming names at me and calling me weak while drunk... you’re not worthy to fight. Go bother someone else.”

      then will totally floor them if they think that means ‘I won’t hurt you if you give me reason to.’

      mando’s are fun 😊

  9. Hunter

    • Hunter
    • Cocomii

    I don't want my Coco to go!

    Image result for cattocry

    1. Cocomii


      You will be fineee! I will still be able to talk to people! 😄 Can't get rid of me that easy...

    2. Hunter


      I know, but what am I supposed to do without you on the weekdays hmm?!

    3. Cocomii


      You can play doctor games with @Lyca !😄 

    4. Hunter


      Nathan don't play doctor games! I need blood from the pure & innocent!

    5. Lyca


      Hey coco... don't just throw me under the bus 😞 

    6. Ender


      Wake me up before you Coco.. 😛

  10. Hunter

    Female body/male voice OR male body/female voice

    Pull out stone knife. F11. click. EZ Pull out stone knife. F11. Click. EZ
  11. Hunter

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Ducky and the boys of free territory! Had a very interesting confrontation in the woods yesterday with you all that was intense, and overall fantastic! @Xavier Learn where to place your shots Roma! Come on now! @Cocomii Always making a fun little hostage for Nathan!
  12. Hunter

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    Fair enough Mexi. Your input on the whole thing is just as valuable as others and as Samaritan suggested above, if it does come down to direct confrontation, a mediator idea would not be a bad one. I have had bad experiences in the past over confrontation which is what makes me feel uncomfortable to this day about going straight to direct confrontation which is why I made this thread. It was not made to drag HostileRP into the dirt. I much enjoy HostileRP. It is a necessity to the server! If it weren't for that, we'd all be sitting around a campfire telling character backstories to each other with nothing interesting going on. The thread was merely meant to point out and criticize a certain way a few people are going about committing their HostileRP.
  13. Hunter

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    Im not dragging every HostileRPer through the dirt. I quite clearly stated multiple times that it was only a few bad eggs in a majority. Anyways, I'm not going to give feedback on group pages because I don't feel like directly confronting the individuals because I am not comfortable doing so until it comes to a point that I feel it is all I can do. Same goes for reports.
  14. Hunter

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    Jesus, I go to bed for a bit and wake up to double the posts there were hours ago! Too many to reply back to all but I am seeing quite a few good ones out there with people making suggestions to each other on how to better themselves as a hostage and as a hostage taker in HostileRP. Which is really nice to see. Again, I just want to iterate to a few that I do not care about my gear and this isn’t a salt post because I lost my gear. This is DayZ. I know not to be attached to gear because you will lose it. This was just a post made to bring attention to a subject on how some are going about giving their HostileRP and it has succeeeded in doing such and sparked up some interesting suggestions from people which is all I could ask for from you all! keep up the replies all! Look forward to reading them all!
  15. Hunter

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    Thanks for the input Smashing. We gonna go through this paragraph by paragraph I guess. Awww yes, scarcity of items. Items important to survival yes? Food, drinks, ammo, weapons. We get the gist of this. I'm sure many of us understand supply/demand, etc. I am well aware that rarer items are going to get myself robbed. I am also more than willing to comply with the people that are robbing and hand my stuff over. As an avid survival game/mil sim game type player, I am more than aware not to become attached to gear, and to understand that you will lose it. Point understood there? Good! Onto the next paragraph! As Samaritan stated above, some do not feel the need to directly confront people as it can sometimes spiral out of control or more. For this reason, my first step will not be to directly PM them as you have suggested. As for "they know who they are," with the example I had given of an actual situation I had with them, I am positive that they will know who they are. I don't see a lot of people running around calling people "niggas" and robbing plate carriers off people. That isn't the point of this thread though really. IF they see this thread, and recognize themselves, well then good. If not, well that doesn't mean the main point of the thread isn't being made. As for the "clear morale high point," I don't think an argument needs to ensue over this statement, but let me just iterate that I do not see why you felt the need to even say this. This thread is made to make awareness to a certain type of poor HostileRP that is currently going around, and it obviously is doing what I intended it to do. I am well aware that HostileRP is necessary and is personally by me, EXPECTED and ACCEPTED. It's the fucking apocalypse for fucks sake. Of course there are going to be bad people out there robbing you for all your shit. I'm all for it and I welcome it. Notice something about those groups you listed? They all do something unique with their HostileRP. Specifically one that I can vouch for being New Moon. They do their shit right and set a bar for what HostileRP should be. What I am not okay with in regards to HostileRP is a certain way some people are going about doing it. You should not be trying to bait people EVERYWHERE you go. I can be in Kab, Elektro, Novaya, etc. and they will still do the same thing. They will see a piece of gear you have that they enjoy, call you all sorts of shit trying to bait you into doing something, and then when you don't do anything, hold you up take what they want, continue to call you stupid shit, and then run off. Disguising their BadRP/GearRP under the fact that they give you like 1 to 2 sentences of what seems like an attempt to make something interesting for the victim before running off. That then proceeds to make the whole experience feel lacking and unenjoyable for the victim offering little to no RP, or any sort of chance for character development. As for BEING a hostage, I am plenty of times. You can ask @Nihoolious and I am sure that he can vouch that I know how to make an experience interesting for the hostage taker, as a hostage himself. New Moon had me sketching faces and writing descriptions of people that had been caught up in a hold up of theirs for ID cards, etc. Again, thank you for your input. I don't take any offense to anything you stated and everybody is entitled to share their opinion here no matter how much they differ from each other.