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  1. Hunter

    Logitech G430 Mic

    If you are having issues with Logitech equipment and the gaming software program, I would recommend possibly trying to uninstall the Logitech Gaming Software program, and installing the beta version of Logitech G Hub. It is essentially going to be their replacement software program for all your Logitech hardware and it has much more control than the Logitech Gaming Software program, which could allow you to possibly fix your issue.
  2. Hunter

    Okay... This Fog.

    But at the same time when you run into two people in the middle of nowhere in the fog at a camp, at least it is a nice surprise finally!
  3. Hunter

    Website, premium and item updates

    @Aeryes coming out clutch again! @Roland Spare us from this wretched fog please!
  4. Hunter


    I have become one with the diamonds.
    Running Full Systems Diagnostics...

    All Systems Online And Operating At Optimal Capacity


  5. Hunter


    To all da people out there that know what this is. YOINK MINE NOW!

    EZ Heirloom.png

    1. Banshee


      My ass out here getting legendary skins and banners for every legend except Wraith. 🤧

    2. Hunter


      I own a legendary for every legend, and every single gun in the game except the mozambique XD @Banshee

  6. Jager Konig, at age 25 became an official diplomatic representative for the United States. Everything he had done, had built up to this goal, and he finally had achieved it. Soon after, he was sent out to the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. Everything was business as usual until some complicated matters had occurred involving corruption and complications with the United State's relations with worldwide countries. This put Jager into a major stress induced depression. The constant weight on his shoulders half way across the world from a country he is to be representing had begun taking its toll. At 26, discreetly, Jager turned to drug use to calm himself down and to try and keep himself stable. As tensions rose, so did his reliance on drugs, though he kept it under wraps and was very discreet in his use. Eventually, as tensions rose between NATO, Chernarussians, Russians, etc., Jager was flown over to Chernarus near the end of the Civil War to help bring the disagreements to an end alongside NATO in an attempt to bring Chernarus into the NATO treaty. Then things starting taking a severe turn for the worse as bombings began to occur and military forces collided. Stuck in the middle of all of this, Jager's problem came to its worst. The tension was too much and Jager had turned to a much stronger drug in order to calm him down. Now, after all of this, he is yet another survivor running through the lands. Barely scraping by, attempting to fuel is drug problem to keep the stress from bearing down on him to much, he must keep moving until everything works itself out. A cure? Military eradication of the infection? Anything, as long as he gets out of the living hell he is trapped in.
  7. Hunter

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    You will regret what you have done...
  8. Hunter

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Lyca @Ender @Jadeboat @KnightsTemplar @Lori @Cocomii As always, a fantastic RP experience with all of you! The RP never fails to entertain and exceed expectations and opens up new branches in character arcs all the time! Will the Morgun we all knew and loved make a return slowly but surely, or will the demons within him be too much for him to handle? Who knows?! We'll see how the events go ?
  9. Hunter

    • Hunter
    • Quiet

    Name change?! Pepega Discord Emoji

    1. Quiet


      It was the name of my first DayZRP character! @Smoke, @Strawberry & @Brady know best. I always said if I leave staff, I'll change my name to Quiet. ? 

    2. Strawberry


      yes Kittendo

  10. Hunter

    • Hunter
    • Ducky


    1. Ducky



    2. Hunter


      When the RP in game is just getting good and is mainly limited to the weekends, and you then you somehow manage to get yourself banned on the weekend!

      Image result for cattocry

      Filthy PvPer! Why you do dis?!


  11. Hunter

    • Hunter
    • Aeryes

    You and I both know for memes you have to change your quote to "I made shit" XD

    1. Aeryes



    2. Hunter



      Happy to have had you as a dev! Good luck with studies and such! Hope you come back as a dev if you get more free time, but for now, you are one of us normal RPers :trolle:

    3. Aeryes


      Oh no, not one of those !!! I might now be able to actually play with the stuff I put into the game lmao xD

  12. Hunter

    Force PK's in public executions.

    My character, my decision with when to perma them. Now, if it is such a public event, and I feel like it would fit, then I am all for perma'ing ANY of my characters at any point. However, forcing a perma upon public execution is just an awful idea that is going to spark a lot of hate and debate. In my opinion actually, you shouldn't have even emoted and what not that you cut him up and stuffed him into a bag. That would most definitely result in death obviously, but in this case, the person you executed did not agree to be perma'd and you should have never emoted that stuff at all. You should have looked at your "execution" more in the forms of sending a message by gravely injuring the person. I've been executed before on a few occasions, sometimes resulting in a perma, but in the ones that didn't, was discussed with the "executioner" that it was a public message and a wound to the shoulder or something along those lines. Honestly, and don't take this the wrong way, but it seems to be a YOU problem more than a community issue. You should not be emoting that you are cutting a person up into pieces and stuffing them into a bag for consumption unless that person has agreed to be perma'd. This is on you, not the person you "executed."
  13. Hunter

    • Hunter
    • Cocomii

    Happy birthday ❤️ REEEEE!

    1. Cocomii


      Aww thank you! ?

  14. Hunter

    And nobody's crying but me

    Drake you gotta spell it right ? It’s Morgun! Also you ain’t seen his face yet since his little incident either haha you best be ready to update your journal if you ever do.
  15. Hunter


    Day 1 of classes starting back up and it hits me I have to spend 14 hours on campus for classes and work on Mondays and Wednesdays. Big yikes! 8 AM to 10 PM

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