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  1. Well, Valorant beta is over. One more game away from Diamond 1. Feels bad. Plat 3 ain't bad though.


  2. Idea has been proposed before. I am not for it. I would be for the mod that makes it to where as soon as you pull a weapon out then sure, but even then, I still don't think it is a good idea for the server. A lot of people have a preferred play style and removing 3rd person combat will all in all, just ruin it for those who prefer it. I myself am coming to use it as well. -1 from me. I don't prefer to to remove players play styles from the server. Combat isn't the main focus of the server. The few times you get into a gunfight shouldn't dictate the entire server having to adapt to a new forced perspective. Don't take it the wrong way either, but you are new to the community, and the majority consensus of the community over the many years this idea has been proposed, has always been a no. I don't think that will be any different now either. Welcome to the community though! Hopefully you'll see that it really isn't necessary to add. Your immersion is solely based upon you wanting to use first person or not, but nah, I ain't for forcing it on others.
  3. @Jade I don’t know how to edit the post to add in a poll. pepesad
  4. I thought you might appreciate this - AK go Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  5. @Para @GMAK @OxeN Take mine and @Ratatosk place.
  6. Don't worry, this isn't a post asking about changing the map from Chernarus to some other one. Seeing as the new lore is coming, I would imagine, if it is like past ones, we will be starting out some time "soonish" after all hell breaks loose. Well, I'm all fine and dandy with that, but I can't help but feel that (Although I do love Chernarus), after time, seeing it stay the same, even 1000+ days in for example, doesn't do the lore and sense of time passing justice. SO I propose, with the new lore, that as time progresses, that we have the map modified slightly over time, adding in more debris, or trash like barricades into the roads. Just more things that can give a sense of passing of time as things move along with this new lore. It isn't something super big, and I feel it would be just a nice little touch of detail to things. I feel it would add a bit more life to the map itself to see things popping up over time. A few more destroyed cars, trash littering the streets, etc. as we dive deeper into hell. I don't think it would have to much impact either on performance either. Anybody else for this as well? TL;DR : Add more debris and wreckage throughout the map as time passes with the new lore to give an actual sense of time passing OTHER than a day counter on the website.
  7. *He'd press the PTT, muttering some Russian into the radio before speaking in English* "You call us dogs? How about the savages you praise for fighting a civilized government? We do wish to help... and we help plenty. Perhaps you feel as you do because you seem to maintain the attitude you spit out on the radio. You don't want to be at the end of a barrel? Then cooperate and help bring prosperity to your lands like so claim to truly want. Otherwise, you can see the end of a barrel as the last thing you will ever see. Also... you call us sneaky? As far as I can tell, you are the ones hiding amongst the trees and civilian populace, using them as shields." *He'd light a cigarette, taking a drag from it* "Rethink your decisions and position on the matter." "Slava Russia." *He'd let go of the PTT*
  8. *He'd pick up the radio hearing the broadcast, pressing the PTT* "Are any of these items... firearms? Fully automatic? Or heavy caliber rifles? I need something military grade." *He'd let go of the PTT*
  9. Hunter


    If you want to be unblacklisted and such, I am pretty sure you would need to login to your old account, the one that is blacklisted, and send an appeal in by making a support ticket or something along those lines to figure out and resolve whatever it was that got you blacklisted in the first place. If it was age limit, or rule breaks, or something along those lines, I'm sure amnesty would apply to you now if it was years ago. I am not official staff of the community, however, I am pretty sure this would be the case. You could give that a go and such now, or wait for an official staff member to come in and notify you what to do.
  10. Just spent the first 1 hour of my life trying to figure out what you said at the start of your stream.


    I failed. something of the lines of - Hi Comrade, somethimg soemthing man something OK something thank you something something right?

    1. Hunter


      Oh it’s mostly just a bunch of nonsense of random Russian words stringed together

  11. https://www.twitch.tv/synthhunter/clip/MushyEasyPidgeonDansGame "Are you serious?"
  12. Getting in on the latest DayZRP trend




    .... @Fae

    1. Fae


      angry desperate housewives GIF

  13. Team Name: First To Die Player 1: @Hunter Player 2: @Ratatosk
  14. No foreign super soldiers....


    What is this new lore... We gonna have some Russian/German 1940 experiment shit "accidentally" released or some shit whenever a Nazi lab bunker is discovered and reopened, introducing the infection...


    Overlord: DayZRP Lore Edition



    @Stagsview I've cracked the code.

    1. Ratatosk


      Believe what you want.. We all know what is really gonna be the reason for this infection! 


    2. Hunter



    3. Hofer


      Anime lore

  15. Honestly.... pretty well written from a glance @Camo gonna have a more in depth read of your book when I can later and see what you got goin on more closely. it’s nice to see opinions and such on the community.
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