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  1. Hunter

    When you completely forgot that today was the day before your birthday. Thanks exams for making me forget I was ever born.

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      Dude, tomorrow's my birthday too 😃

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      Happy Birthday in advance.. here is some beanz and a compliment on your profile 10/10 stuff man

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      WTF NO WAY! haha

      I'll be on the TS later tonight. We can have a birthday party xD

  2. Youtube Publicity

    Yeah, other game releases are pretty big. I definitely know what you saying about the Destiny 2 relevancy right now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Been pretty relevant for me past 4 or 5 days Now all we need to do is contact Playerunkown and let him give you permissions to make a custom game. Then you can make the rules and modify the game spawns, and time and such, make a game and give us all the password to join it! Then we can all RP that we are all living our last time on Earth as the inevitable doom of the mysterious blue killing circle approaches! Eventually everybody pushed to the center, crying and praying to the gods we somehow angered that it stops! #PUBGRP CONFIRMED!
  3. Youtube Publicity

    Oh, yes DayZ has lost quite a bit of interest over time! Can't agree with both of you there more. But see, the thing is in Mr. Moons case (not sure if he is banned or not and what for if he is), a lot of people will play on the server he is making his videos on. Examples would be the rust server he created shortly after his "The Candleman" movie. Along with his ARK server and also his Conan Exiles server. He has a large following of people that like to RP, and as long as he makes videos on DayZRP, I'm sure his crowd would follow. Now of course, I know that sounds worrying about fanboys and such, but from actually playing on all these servers (except the Conan one), I can say that this isn't the case. A ton of people just do their own thing. They are just normal RP'ers.
  4. Youtube Publicity

    Why not both? However, that is a nice idea that I completely overlooked!
  5. Youtube Publicity

    Makes sense, maybe what if we asked them to mention at the beginning of the video that they were payed to play on the server and to make the video HOWEVER, any opinions they have on the server with their experience if they decide to talk about it is strictly their own, and not influenced in at all by us paying them. We are paying them for their services in making a video, not to influence their thoughts and ideas.
  6. Youtube Publicity

    So, I have been thinking about the idea and am curious as to your thoughts on the idea. Do you think that asking youtubers to play on our servers and make videos on it, or if it comes to it, to pay them to play and make videos on it is a good idea or a bad idea? Granted, if they were paid, I think it would be in the best interest to let them know that they are not bound to only say good things about the server and such, and to also let them know they are still bound to the same rules as everybody else. Now of course, it would have to be Youtubers that actually will seriously role play and such like Mr. Moon and such. His DayZRP videos are so entertaining, and bring attention to the community. I understand the negative connotations that would go with paying a Youtuber for publicity, but I think with the YouTube ad crisis right now, maybe finding some decent RP Youtubers to make videos to bring publicity wouldn't be such a bad idea? Nor as expensive either with the fact they need money. Just an idea. Opinions? Any ideas and thoughts, or additions to the thoughts above are welcome.
  7. Sadly this is true and the best way to approach any upcoming patch. And that's what I was going to get into when it came to mods. They said they would release the server files sometime in the beta, and I wouldn't be surprised if that means months into the beta. also, helicopters are probably not gonna be in the first iteration, but I have a feeling the dirt bike and bicycle will be. They have greatly improved the net code with vehicles on the ground. So adding new ground based vehicles wouldn't be that difficult now. the only thing that makes me think a slight possibility of helicopters being added is that now, with the new engine, and everything being ported over to the new engine (no more legacy engine as soon as beta hits), updates should speed up and since they have been making the heli for the new engine, it may not have taken as long to make it work in the new engine. Why not both?
  8. It's true though. Compare the way combat flows and feels from the mod, to how it is now. The Devs are essentially working on forcing combat to be like the mod. Rewarding slower paces, and careful planning.
  9. Yes! Finally we will not be robots stuck in animations!
  10. I can't find anyone...

    Just stay in the triangle my friend. Stary will be a nice place to be around and such if you want interaction. Sometimes Black Lake as well.
  11. Alright, so, where to start? There are tons of people talking right now about beta, the community splitting into groups that we are all mainly calling RP'ers and RPvP'ers, and the community "dying" due to a downfall in player count. I've been reading a lot of threads and comments on those threads and am wanting to give my opinion on the situations and how I think beta is going to be a savior to all of us, hopefully bringing this split to an end, once again unifying the community. Lets start with the issue of the community splitting into groups. A lot of people are picking sides and criticizing the other side about their style and approach to the game and RP. The main criticism of both sides being that people believe that there is too much focus on PvP aspect in role play, too many gun fights, and too much emphasis on trying to obtain gear, rather than talking to others, interacting, and so forth. The other side believing that by not doing so, the community becomes one big hand holding love circle of some sort without any hostile interaction or at least very minimal. So where does the issue with these opinions arise? Well, the issue, in a way, works much like the political party system. Both sides are going to bicker, argue, and complain about the other, always believing their side is right. By doing so, the community into a bipolar state where we all just can't get along. Thus, discouraging people to hop on when they feel criticized for their style of approach in the game, or turning away newer players of the community. People who have been here for a long time, playing the style they do for a long time, are not going to want to play when they feel the way they play is being hated on by others. Then, also, last thing new people to the community are going to want to do is get themselves involved in a battle between two sides that split the community. Especially when they can't really form an opinion at all since they haven't played as long or at all. Therefore, by forming these name tags and putting them on each other, we are discouraging each other, and causing our own downfall in player count. It's much like how there is the white-name label. A new member of the community joins, he makes a mistake of some sort, OR maybe his RP isn't up to par. An issue arises where people instantly will jump down on their backs about it. We honestly should not have the label white-name be a negative thing. Rather, we should look at it as a positive thing since it means NEW PEOPLE. Help them, rather than hinder them. Encourage them with positive criticism and tips, rather than attempt to bash them. -BETA- Now, here is why I think the beta will be the savior of this whole situation. The beta, of course will be introducing A TON of new content, from base building, to long promised and long awaited equipment, possibly long awaited vehicles, but a really big thing about this, is an ENTIRE rework of the animation system, inertia and momentum, a complete overhaul of the player camera and movement experience and possibly mods (reasons on possibly statements down below). All of this creating a smoother and more enjoyable experience for us all. So how is each of these going to help us other than just adding new things exactly? Base Building- With bases comes all sorts of new possibilities. DO NOT WORRY, THE DEVS HAVE STATED THIS WILL NOT BE THE GIANT SKYSCRAPERS WE SAW IN THE EPOCH MODS AND SUCH! A concept sketch was released a while back which can be seen here: As you can see, they will mainly consists of mostly ground level creations, with elevation structures such as towers. And with slanted rooftops on the towers, you can see that it would not allow for something to be built on top of it. AKA, not tower stacking creating a skyscraper. We will also have lights as well at some point, although it has been stated these may not be present at first iteration of base building release. The big change that will come with this is we will not have to rely on @Rolle to add in faction locations on the interactive map we have. Groups will be able to build their own structures, and make their own rules for them in character. -Now of course, these rules will probably have to be approved beforehand so we don't just have people saying, come near our base, and we will shoot you on sight, however, these unique rules the camps can have can create new and fresh experiences- This creates a new and fresh experience for all those who go through or near the encampments. Of course, raids will occur on such bases, but again, this can always add to the RP experience as there will be visible destruction after a raid on the camp after the fight has occurred. -Equipment- With beta also comes new weapons. From explosives such as an RPG, or M72 LAW, to light machine guns, new equipment will allow new play styles. Hostile encounters will become more diverse with more roles in a firefight to start appearing. With larger magazine weapons coming into play, suppressing fire becomes more than just a 60 round mag from an m4 with belt fed weapons making their way into the game. More diverse roles other than your basic assault/CQB with a sub machine gun, shotgun, or such, or marksman/sniper with an SVD/m4/ or ak. We can start to see people designated as Demolitions with launchers, support gunners with LMG's, the basic ones we have now, etc. Basically more equipment, means more diversity in not only the stuff we find, but how the firefights and other interactions will go down. -More on this to come with movement and such- -Vehicles- More types of transportation brings more diverse ways of travelling our way. Helicopters being the big one to come. HOWEVER, these have not been confirmed for .63 yet, so don't get too excited over these. But once helicopters are added in, it is going to be interesting to see how their roles play out for everybody. Of course, planes are coming as well, but helicopters are the general vehicle hype right now ever since they released in engine pictures of a MH6 Little Bird to the public years ago. -Animation system, movement system, etc.- This is going to be in my opinion, what brings the biggest change to the game play. This is what I believe is REALLY going to change how things are done in game. One obvious thing being the animation system, now allowing us to move while eating or drinking, or gesturing, or not have robotic movements of putting away our food and such while a zombie donkey punches us over and over again. Also visible changes in our players looks movements and such when injured, or sick and such. A new dynamic camera will also help make the experience more immersive in a way with camera shake as you sprint as the camera also zooms in closer to your shoulder, in a way like the Gears of War games do. Also of course the new melee system as well. These are the obvious and well known changes. However, the entire system is being reworked, from the player camera becoming dynamic, to players having stamina, momentum, and inertia in their movement. THIS IS THE BIG CHANGE. This is what I believe is going to improve everything. Right now, we run extremely fast, have unlimited stamina, and are able to zig zag on the dime. Our characters how no intertia and such in their movements. Making all of our movements in gunfights and such restricted to sharp angular turns. This is the current meta of sprinting and ZIG-ZAG ZIG-ZAG in order to avoid getting hit. However, the new update is going to make our players have intertia in their movements, which will smooth out running in a way, making it more natural and curvy. Like the picture below: With this, gunfights will have to become more methodical and planned out, and a slower approach to a situation, rather than a "zig zag towards my enemy, until I can hit them" state of mind. Of course, with stamina, this will have to be forced on us too. The last thing you want to do is be running at an enemy at a high rate of speed, then become a slower easier to hit target. This is going to change entirely how PvP will take place, as well as with PvE. A slower pace approach becomes more rewarding to you, as sneaking up on someone should be how things are done since they wont be able to corner peek with 3rd person anymore. THIS IS WHERE THE BIG CHANGE OCCURS! Because everybody is going to have to relearn how to play the game essentially, we all will be starting from a clean slate with each other. Everybody is going to have to relearn how they approach things. PvP is going to change entirely, and because of this, people might think twice about it. Especially since the new system is setting up to reward getting the drop on people rather than approaching things head on in a zig zag motion . All interactions should become new and interesting again which should also bring back a ton of older players who have been waiting for this day to come. SO, with all that being said, WHY SHOULD WE WAIT FOR THIS CHANGE TO COME TO UNIFY US AGAIN. If we stop labeling each other as RP'ers and RPvP'ers now, we can all have a much more enjoyable experience now, and an even better one when beta comes. We are all overlooking the MAIN THING HERE! We are all RP'ers. We all came here with the common goal of creating a story for ourselves purely through interaction with each other or dying in the process. Let's stop the labeling and remember why we all came here in the first place, not to bicker at each other like we are some sort of political parties. Let's all have fun again, and stop this separation.
  12. Hunter

    When you are reading through the reports 


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      It's best when they upload a video.

      And you just scratch your head and wonder.

  13. Hunter

    Just got back home from a day of classes followed by an hour and 30 minutes of gym, and an hour of bouldering. I'm freaking exhausted, but all for the start of a better me. :D

  14. Profile video backgrounds

    No I mean, I wish there was a way to see the video background if you have music autoplaying on profiles off.
  15. Profile video backgrounds

    Alright, just making sure. Kinda wish there was a way to separate the 2 settings for auto-play video background, and auto-play video background sound. Just making sure others know this as well if they are attempting to try the new feature, but seeing it not working.