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  1. Welcome @Fiizio! Enjoy your stay in the community! If you have any questions or concerns at anytime during your stay, feel free to ask in the questions tab of the forums or in the teamspeak! Have fun scavenging for beans!
  2. --------------------------------------------------------------------A crack of a gunshot in the middle of the woods, and Morgan falls to the ground---------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything seems to be moving so slow. Am I falling? What happened? Morgan sees more and more flashes appear from the woods followed by the sounds of screams. He sees the faint silhouettes of figures running away, as he loses consciousness. Is this it? I'm going to die here and now.... over a rabbit trapped in a snare trap. ------------Morgan did die that night in the woods. A small caliber round pierced through his helmet and into the frontal lobe of his brain where it still rests. However, that night Morgun was born------------ ------------Unknown Amount of Time Later------------ Morgun regains consciousness but cannot see due to something covering his face. Panic begins to set in and he starts screaming for help, "HeLp moRguN! MoRGuN bLinD!" Morgun hears the screech of multiple chairs moving hurriedly downstairs followed by the echoed sounds of feet running upstairs. A voice yells at Morgun telling him to hush and that it's going to be okay. Another voice in the back surprised, "holy crap he's actually awake." A 3rd voice yelling to find a way to shut Morgun up before he attracts more of those "things." Morgun feels a pinch in his shoulder, followed by hushing noises telling him everything will be okay. Morgun starts to feel a rush of sleepiness and as he fades away hears a voice saying they need to leave and find somewhere safe from all the yelling. Morgun awoke later on, the bandages removed. "yAY, MorgUN seE!" He walks through the house looking around for people but find nobody. He finds a note on a backpack and pile of clothes that is hard to read but can make out Morg*n. The second to last letter being unreadable due to a stain of some sort. Morgun doesn't know what to do, so Morgun grabs some clothes and a backpack and heads out the door unsure of what's going on, where he is, or really even who he is.
  3. Hunter

    o7 Staff

    You will always be the man behind the mask to me mah man. Hit me up on steam sometime will you?
  4. Hunter

    What did you dream about last night?

    Yeah, I had a semi close call in a fire once where my tank was almost out, and I had to backtrack my way out this house, and I didn't think I was gonna be able to make it out. I didn't panic, but a close call is a close call and its hard to forget.
  5. Hunter

    What did you dream about last night?

    Went into a burning building fighting a fire, then my tank ran out of oxygen and was replaced with nothing but smoke. I tried finding my way out but It became harder and harder to breathe and see as I moved throughout what seemed like a never ending hallway til the point I couldn't breathe at all. Then I woke up.
  6. Hunter

    Get out of jail card idea

    I like the idea, but not the price. I'm not against charging people for it, as by putting money down on it, they are more committed to following the rules. However, I think the current price is a bit to much. Maybe lower it to the price of a new game, say $60 and whatever that translates to in euro.
  7. Yeah, other game releases are pretty big. I definitely know what you saying about the Destiny 2 relevancy right now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Been pretty relevant for me past 4 or 5 days Now all we need to do is contact Playerunkown and let him give you permissions to make a custom game. Then you can make the rules and modify the game spawns, and time and such, make a game and give us all the password to join it! Then we can all RP that we are all living our last time on Earth as the inevitable doom of the mysterious blue killing circle approaches! Eventually everybody pushed to the center, crying and praying to the gods we somehow angered that it stops! #PUBGRP CONFIRMED!
  8. Oh, yes DayZ has lost quite a bit of interest over time! Can't agree with both of you there more. But see, the thing is in Mr. Moons case (not sure if he is banned or not and what for if he is), a lot of people will play on the server he is making his videos on. Examples would be the rust server he created shortly after his "The Candleman" movie. Along with his ARK server and also his Conan Exiles server. He has a large following of people that like to RP, and as long as he makes videos on DayZRP, I'm sure his crowd would follow. Now of course, I know that sounds worrying about fanboys and such, but from actually playing on all these servers (except the Conan one), I can say that this isn't the case. A ton of people just do their own thing. They are just normal RP'ers.
  9. Why not both? However, that is a nice idea that I completely overlooked!
  10. Makes sense, maybe what if we asked them to mention at the beginning of the video that they were payed to play on the server and to make the video HOWEVER, any opinions they have on the server with their experience if they decide to talk about it is strictly their own, and not influenced in at all by us paying them. We are paying them for their services in making a video, not to influence their thoughts and ideas.
  11. So, I have been thinking about the idea and am curious as to your thoughts on the idea. Do you think that asking youtubers to play on our servers and make videos on it, or if it comes to it, to pay them to play and make videos on it is a good idea or a bad idea? Granted, if they were paid, I think it would be in the best interest to let them know that they are not bound to only say good things about the server and such, and to also let them know they are still bound to the same rules as everybody else. Now of course, it would have to be Youtubers that actually will seriously role play and such like Mr. Moon and such. His DayZRP videos are so entertaining, and bring attention to the community. I understand the negative connotations that would go with paying a Youtuber for publicity, but I think with the YouTube ad crisis right now, maybe finding some decent RP Youtubers to make videos to bring publicity wouldn't be such a bad idea? Nor as expensive either with the fact they need money. Just an idea. Opinions? Any ideas and thoughts, or additions to the thoughts above are welcome.
  12. Sadly this is true and the best way to approach any upcoming patch. And that's what I was going to get into when it came to mods. They said they would release the server files sometime in the beta, and I wouldn't be surprised if that means months into the beta. also, helicopters are probably not gonna be in the first iteration, but I have a feeling the dirt bike and bicycle will be. They have greatly improved the net code with vehicles on the ground. So adding new ground based vehicles wouldn't be that difficult now. the only thing that makes me think a slight possibility of helicopters being added is that now, with the new engine, and everything being ported over to the new engine (no more legacy engine as soon as beta hits), updates should speed up and since they have been making the heli for the new engine, it may not have taken as long to make it work in the new engine. Why not both?
  13. It's true though. Compare the way combat flows and feels from the mod, to how it is now. The Devs are essentially working on forcing combat to be like the mod. Rewarding slower paces, and careful planning.
  14. Yes! Finally we will not be robots stuck in animations!
  15. Just stay in the triangle my friend. Stary will be a nice place to be around and such if you want interaction. Sometimes Black Lake as well.