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  1. Hunter

    The Redemption of Lukas "Luka" Stika

    The writing would be shakily written, a few wet spots from tears staining the paper and causing the ink to separate a bit I've been thrown out... kicked to the curb. Mon amour... you've always been able to look past the mistakes I've made... the horrors I live with to this day. I don't know why they can't. I guess it doesn't matter though... My past has caught up to me in a really bad way. I've talked to the pack about it... although I considered them family and went through hell trying to protect them... they can't see past it and help me and forgive me in my time of need. The main issue as well being that Kamenici are supposedly looking for me. Thus, the pack considers me a security threat and gotten rid of me. I've spoken to Ryan about it already and his second in command. They rightfully don't forgive me for withholding the truth, and breaking their trust... but maybe over time I can rebuild it. I will have to speak to Chip and Dean about it tonight and hopefully... hopefully it isn't the last thing I do. I'm hoping they'll be understanding, and see I've moved on from the mistakes I've made in the past and am attempting to better myself as a person. Either that, or they'll execute me then and there. If they accept it and try to look past it... then the wolf pack's allies are made clear of everything regarding me. Hopefully then, that clears it all up for them and they can continue to keep their allies. I've got to have a talk with Phoenyxx to Kamenici and set the record straight. They heard rumors that we were assisting the cannibals and such. We have her journal now... we can set the record straight and prove the rumors false. Hopefully that will settle the problem with them... and then who knows? Maybe then I'm not deemed a threat... maybe I'll be allowed back. I know they won't trust me... or like me... or whatever for a long time. That's okay. I'm not asking for them to instantly forgive me or to like me... what I am asking though is for their acceptance of me... to hopefully one day eventually forgive me. After all... a pack is supposed to be family. We are supposed to protect and support each other... not kick one another to the side when a threat comes knocking. I'm scared. I don't want to die. I don't want to leave. I don't want to lose her. I've... I've got to write a note down now... I'm going to tear it out the journal... put it inside of something in case... in case this is going to be my last entry. For her to read if... if I meet my end today. I love you mon amour. Forever and always. I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused. I'm thankful for you sticking by my side through it all at least. I just hope... I hope we can fix this. I hope we can finally get on with our lives together and get this wedding taken care of. I love you now and always.
  2. CocoMii

    • CocoMii
    • Hunter

    Thank you for helping me with the stupid twitch stream issue I had! You are actually useful sometimes! Pets on the head!

  3. Hunter

    The Tainted (IC Recruitment)

    I mean, that is how new characters and groups work. You aren't just going to know all about them from the get go, and "being dumped half way into their story" is with EVERY person you run by. I fail to see what is so far fetched about it at all. The group lore being based around their pasts AND recent interactions they've actually had in game? That is how RP works. You get dumped half way into stories. Others you don't even get involved in. Just because game mechanics make food more plentiful doesn't mean people can't base their stories around something different. People have characters who have been hiding out in the woods since the outbreak for 2 years and recently come out of hiding. This is how we deal with the fact that even though we are 2 years into the outbreak, you can't just turn at people and go "OH WELL IF YOU HAVE BEEN HERE FOR 2 YEARS, THAN HOW HAVEN'T YOU HEARD OF BLAH." Try executing people for what exactly? What makes you think you are going to know they are cannibals? What makes you think you are going to learn IC about the things they have done? Even such, what immediately claims execution rights for you? Torture, sure. Why do you immediately want to jump to execution? That is your choice if you want to risk NVFL. Either way, they stated that they focus on RP or PVP so if you wanna try bringing up the notion your going to try to execute people for being cannibals, which... how would you even learn about this in the first place, but than maybe you should also take into account that they are not going to kill you unless you make it absolutely necessary? Personally I think you are digging way to much into the group and trying to nit pick the littlest things that bother you. There are plenty of groups out there that have much more ridiculous claims on things. People try and think outside the box and not everything will seem like it makes sense in order to create interesting and unique characters and groups. Cannibals in the apocalypse is not a far fetched idea, nor is the idea of a group of them banding together. You are acting as if their lore and story breaks the lore entirely like something along the lines of "developing a cure" or "possession of a nuclear bomb." I don't see anything wrong with their lore whatsoever. On top of this, I've had multiple run ins with these people now and can claim and vouch that their RP thus far has been phenomenal, both story wise and the fact that I genuinely feel creepy vibes when dealing with them. I look forward to more interactions with them. GOOD LUCK with the group. Hope to see it approved!
  4. Hunter

    The Tainted (IC Recruitment)

    @CocoMii Love will prevail against your evil!
  5. Hunter

    The Redemption of Lukas "Luka" Stika

    It's been a while... it's just been rough recently is all. I made mistakes recently. I took comfort again, got rid of all of it though when I realized how upset it made her. I just got so worried was all. Now we both have to deal with an even bigger threat... Some she bitch by the name of Jessica. I'm... we're both scared. We'll get through it together though.
  6. Hunter


    @Ryan Shepherd I don't mind!
  7. Hunter

    The Wolf Pack [Open Recruitment]

  8. Hunter

    Metagaming rule trial

    Aw, now see, this makes more sense! I thought you just meant if you stumble upon a dead body of your enemy XD Yeah, the most silent firefight you ever heard where nobody talks, just shoots each other!
  9. Hunter

    Metagaming rule trial

    That just sounds like a way to get hit with false report XD
  10. Hunter

    Metagaming rule trial

    I'm so down with this. I'm so fucking tired of people just standing around talking in OOC comms and not in game as well. Like, realistically if you want to talk about holding somebody up on the radio, RIGHT NEXT TO THEM, they are gonna fucking hear it. IF you are calling out positions to your teammates while right next to them, they are gonna hear it. I feel this entirely will improve upon RP by removing the silence of people talking in OOC comms and focusing on that, as well as just making set ups for hostile situations more difficult and tense for everybody involved. I've been double micing recently in RP to avoid giving people that awkward silence and give them an insight that my character is in radio comms with others all the time. Big fucking +1 to this shit. Fuck it if half the community doesn't want it. I think it's a necessary improvement that people will get used to eventually and I'm sure in the long run will benefit everybody.
  11. Hunter

    The Time.

    I can vouch for @FalkRP in regard to his bullet points Create a trader post. Stary has always been a trading place with them from the get go. Clyde I guess being the shopkeeper? However so, they have set up a trade shop here and I witnessed trading going down tonight. Made agreements with groups. Earlier tonight, the wolfpack and Ryan's group accepted an agreement to drop out of the Mafia's coalition and other various terms of agreement. We intend to take advantage of this agreement to remain neutral in the conflict as far as I know which is nice. Hell, I even went back to Stary the first time tonight willingly without fear of possibly being held up. I went actually to TRADE an M4 and M16 for some nails. Put fear back into the server (IC). I mean... who isn't afraid of a large group of slavers armed to the teeth? Point made. NEXT! Created a new storyline for groups and lone survivors. Our groups storyline and mine personally have been pretty fairly hostile, but with recent agreements made, will now probably shift to neutral and away from hostility in nature which is nice. Given people a fully protected home with food and water which we don't charge for in the store. I witnessed @Eagle actually offering somebody a home and such tonight for doing something for The Time. So that is validated. Given new members of the community jobs and IC jobs to keep them interested. From shopkeeps, to shop guards, informants, etc. People seem to be getting multiple roles for The Time which is nice. OTHER than slaves. Given 80% of the townsfolk a job and role, to keep the town rolling which seems to be working and very enjoyable for both sides. Haven't been around long enough to see this personally? Or maybe I did but just didn't know? Either way, I would assume this to be true as it would go hand in hand with the above 2 points. Open the shop at any time for people to trade with everyone so they can get what they are looking for. I went to trade some guns for some nails, unfortunately couldn't go through with it due to nail shortage for the expansion they are building to their walls. But I figure afterwards, should be able to follow through with a trade. Helped groups with a lot of OOC things, thanks to Norway. @NorwayRP always is my first contact with any OOC issues. Fuck, he even comes to me sometimes first to clarify and deal with any sort of issues. With Norway, a lot of groups have been able to OOC'ly communicate and clarify and agree on certain things such as cease fires, attacks where all parties involved will be able to participate since the groups are not approved. So we took it upon ourselves OOC to agree to fight our fights out in Novaya in a way that was like an approved group VS an approved group which made an all out war in the city, which to be honest, is a hell of a lot better than having to be finicky with the rules of initiation and kill rights and defense rights and such. Made it more enjoyable to have a large all out fight in the city fighting for a reason, rather than having to be careful to the point you don't even want to pull the trigger as to not risk getting hit with a report for invalid kill. And lot more which I can't think from the top of my head. Think harder Falk!
  12. Hunter

    The Time.

    There has been no meta. As a streamer, I will say that I have not seen ANY Time in my chat at any inappropriate times. They have moles and informants feeding them info and I been told this on an OOC level just to clarify.
  13. Hunter

    The Time.

    THE MAFIA, AND ALLIES, WENT ON THE ATTACK ON POTIUS CRAS'S BASE! WE WENT ON THE ATTACK THE 2ND DAY. Potius Cras is an ally to the time. Once they heard about the attack, they left and went to The Time to call for backup. If you are not aware at all of the events that LEAD up to the 2nd days attack, then don't speak at all.
  14. Hunter

    The Time.

    I can agree with Norway on this. To my knowledge, all hostilities that have occurred this week in Novaya were agreed upon and made aware between all groups involved on an OOC level. As Norway stated as well, The Time has actually made a peace offering IC, a golden ticket, as we referred it to as to cease hostilities if we were to fall out of the Mafia's coalition. Upon which we have agreed to do such. Although I will admit I've sometimes complained in my streams about some things, I've talked to Norway regarding these issues and haven't seen them pop up again really. Those issues mainly were being variety in hostile RP other than being called a pussy, and such and just making sure that he hostile RP provided is actually intriguing to both parties. Upon which, my last hostile interaction was actually improved upon greatly and we had pretty varied interactions, both humorous and serious in the same time frame. @Roland Just to clarify, the reason why there are 4 different groups popping up, is more than likely due to the fact that an IC group coalition was formed to build numbers to retaliate against The Time.
  15. Hunter

    The Wedding of Noah and Hope [Date TBD]

    Not sure what is going on. Please don't tag myself or coco in whatever stupid fucking drama you two are going on about. I know I want no part, and I'm sure she doesn't either.
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