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"I like to remember things my own way!"

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  1. Hunter



  2. Hunter


    @Aeryes By the ultimate troll itself! .... DayZ *GASP*
  3. Hunter


    @A Drunk FelkerRP Nope, the album I posted occurred in this order. 1.Game crashed for everybody in nearby area including myself 2. relog to only be falling infinitely in the air (2 pictures show this) 3. See debug FAST approaching so I log out 4. Log back in to me on a car in the middle of nowhere 5. Contact staff and show them situation and get TP'd back 6. Yeet fixed! 7. See buddy become part of Chernarussian Space Program in car 8. Car disappears 9. -Unknown- 10. Profit?
  4. Hunter

    Full release Ready BTW

    Just a little collection of all my 1.0 and above moments
  5. Hunter

    Group requirements revised

    So to clarify.... does the leader of the group have to announce or act like the leader in game now? What about groups that want their leadership to be hidden IC? Groups that don't really have a hierarchical leadership role where people are thought as equals? Like, can't it just be whoever makes the thread is now known solely as the leader of the group OOC'ly and that technically they are an IC leader as well, even if not shown, that any and all actions or contact with the group will fall onto them.
  6. Hunter

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Nope! Xehara
  7. Hunter

    S1 Stary Yar Bad RP/NVFL 2019-04-14, 00:57

    We left the nearby camp and made our way to Stary Yar, where I heard somebody saying "Yee Yee." Not really sure what is going on, but eventually the person is taken hostage. He doesn't say a word other than "Yee Yee" no matter what is going on. I tried to get the hostage to speak or say anything. We were either met with silence, or the hostage constantly turning away from us and facing the wall. I tried punching them to get some sort of reaction only to be met the normal silence or moving around. Eventually they were executed.
  8. Hunter

    Emotional match

    A song that you regret skipping, gave it a chance once, and now love.
  9. Hunter

    All my little bunnies [Open Frequency]

    *He'd press the PTT again* "Well, I'd help if I could but I seemed to have acquired an injury of sorts to the shoulder and won't be able to help. Maybe somebody else can come respond." *He'd set the radio down releasing the PTT and go back to tinkering with his improvised explosives on his workbench*
  10. Hunter

    All my little bunnies [Open Frequency]

    *He would press the PTT, recognizing who is on the radio* "Why? What would possibly compel you to swim back to that island? Do you still need help? Can you not swim back to shore?" *He would release the PTT, sighing to himself and lighting a cigarette*
  11. Hunter

    AWM Mag Bugged

    Will give it a shot! RESULT: It worked! Thanks @Xehara
  12. Hunter

    AWM Mag Bugged

    I got an AWM, but the mag inside it is bugged. I can't unload it. What do?
  13. Hunter

    [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    Yep! Found that answer out yesterday!
  14. Hunter



  15. Hunter

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    10/10 Simplistic, yet follows the name and theme giving an identity
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