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"I like to remember things my own way!"

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  1. I think the Black Roses and the "like... 5 other fucking groups" initiation was pretty priceless, https://www.twitch.tv/synthhunter/clip/QuaintObliqueBunnyDAESuppy
  2. 4 months? 

    Fuck it, time to change that I guess.

  3. Honestly it all depends on the material as well on the inside. The police jacket may provide a lot more than you'd imagine. Hell, the PT uniform we are issued in BMT for the air force is surprisingly good at keeping us warm whenever we would be out in the cold mornings doing PT and that shit feels like it is thin as hell.
  4. This weekend looking like the time.

    First things first though.

    I want to get back into this community and into this game on a clean slate. Meaning I will be looking at every person in this community in the same light. I don't care who you are, what has happened, past firefights, OOC drama, none of that shit. If you still have a problem with me, or have had a problem with me, for whatever reasons they are/were, feel free to message me here on the forums or in Discord and we can settle and squash whatever beef there is.

    I don't want to make enemies in this community. I want to make friends. 

    Drama back in 2016 pushed back some friendships I really admired having and wouldn't mind having again.

    That goes for more recent events too.


    I have to go to work now. Sorry for the quick and hastily written message. I feel the point gets across though.

    Hope to see you all in game soon.

    1. Eagle



    2. PATRIOT


      Glad to have you return! Hope to see you on the server! 

    3. Hunter


      @Eagle ❤️

      @PATRIOT Thanks! Hope to run into you. Lookin like you got a good group on your hands here pretty soon. Looks interesting. Wouldn’t mind getting in on that RP. Slava.

    4. PATRIOT


      Out of BeanZ but thank you. They are quite a fun collective. Military RP, Medical RP, Bureaucracy RP, Economic RP, Judicial RP, even Campfire RP! 


  5. This looks like it is about to get interesting. Slava Chernarus
  6. Missed that 11/13/2020 date due to some work shit.



  7. I'm down for this. Just curious how exactly we gonna play this out RP wise. Are we just gonna say Namalsk is connected and just further into the mountainous region of Chernarus to the North/West part of the map?
  8. {
        "@attributes": {
            "stat": "fail",
            "version": <error_code>,
            "err_code": "<error_message>"
        "err": "Invalid action"



        if (Date = 11/13/2020)

             { System.join.server }

       else (Date != 11/13/2020)

            { System.shutdown }


    1. DingoLR


      yes i agree

    2. Whitename


      this isnt how it works

    3. Hunter


      @Whitename Hush! I know this already haha it’s been years since I coded c++ though so I couldn’t remember the exact and proper methods for the if then statements.

  9. Kinda have an itch to get back into DayZRP...


    1. Empress


      dog GIF by FirstAndMonday

  10. Going back and double checking my clips and such for DMCA and I find some good memories.

    Like the time Lukas was public enemy #1 and after a firefight I'm almost assassinated out of nowhere. 

    Ahhh good times...


    1. zsmith1111


      mOONnkey brother


    2. Hunter


    3. zsmith1111
  11. There are some friendships you always wish you could have back.

    Forgiveness you always wish you could give.

    However you should always remember, once you forgive, never forget.

    -Lukas Stika

    1. FaeLR


      Then there are some friendships youre like LOL get fucked u cunt waffle

      - Me

    2. ItsJet


      What if you forget to remember because you can’t remember to never forget?

  12. I've gotten a couple messages from some people in the community throughout the week so I figured I'd just post here to help ease some concerns for you all or others that are wondering.


    I am doing fine. I just had a lot of stuff pop up with work and such so my online presence hasn't been able to really be maintained while I have been dealing with the different training I've been having to do as well as PT in the mornings. I work from 7-4 and on those days where I workout and go to the gym, I get home and usually head to sleep from being so exhausted. I'm working on myself physically to lose weight, maintain fitness needed for the military, and have a better appearance in general to gain back some confidence in my physical appearance, something I haven't had for the longest time. Since joining the military, I have definitely gained some of that back, but have thought, why stop there? Why not keep going and see just how much I can change myself for the better?


    Things have slowed down a bit and hopefully I should be able to pick back up in DayZRP, however I am mainly playing Valorant as of late since it's competitive aspect has been extremely appealing to me and I am currently on set to be competing in tournaments for the Air Force esports team here by the end of the year or early next year, whenever it forms.


    tl;dr: Work has been busy, I am fine, just improving myself and expanding my horizons.



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