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  1. Ruthless, Calculated, Cunning. A product of turbulent upbringing, death and instability. Moulded by the dirty and dark backstreets of Brooklyn in the 50’s, Clement Vex had to adapt to ever changing circumstances. Raised alone by his father Andrea Vex, a typical door to door debt collector. He never knew of his mother and was forbidden to question his father. Crime was pay, petty theft, muggings and gang affiliation was all he knew throughout his teens and adulthood. Known as ‘Old Smokey’ in the latter years of gang work for his trademark torching of rival gang assets he was revered as one of the worst of the time. His beloved Cecilia a fellow street dweller and survivor was his only support mechanism. Their children Rupert and Dexter, colossal in stature and sharing the same ruthless ‘Vex’ mentality were too alike their father. As they got older tensions grew and eventually the family imploded, a vicious family war broke out leaving poor Cecilia stricken with grief, the demise of the Vex family was too much for her to handle and so she succumbed to the heartbreak. Rupert disappeared and had no contact with his father for many years, until one day in January 2020, Dexter, the loyal son, contacted his father for a reconciliation and for the punishment of Rupert after his attempts to seize the family throne. Clement against the dangers of the Outbreak posed to an older man couldn’t suppress the young and cunning mob man deep within, there was simply too much power and opportunity awaiting him, expansion of the Vex empire was irresistible to ‘Old Smokey’.
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