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  1. When David was first born his father left at a moments notice. He didn't have the "time" since he was in a hurry for a new life. David was stuck with a woman that was his mom but never acted as such. She was mentally draining even when he was child. She didn't give much effort to him other than feeding and cleaning him. Other that he was off to fend for himself for the many years he was with her. Once he turned 11 he had knack for history. Especially for a land named Chernarus which was sorta a island of its own. The kids at his school looked at him weird for looking at "russian things". Yet this was just more than what others thought. This place was something beautiful and worth traveling too. David saved money as soon as he turned sixteen to travel there. After a struggling 8 years he was able to get the money. After he was done with saying his goodbyes he left to the airport. He left in a taxis and finally flown over there. His first day he mostly went through the villages with a camera in hand. Yet he did't see what he saw as child in his history books. He saw very sick people that mostly shown signs of them dying. Everyone he saw was pale and making no sense when they went up to him. He didn't want to catch what was going around so he left immediately. He heard distant screams as people started to cannibalize each other once he reach the city of Cherno. Ripping and tearing each other apart. This wasn't his sweet paradise anymore. Everyone he tried to get help from mostly turned his back on him or used him for their own needs. After a year stuck here he slowly felt cynical of everyone he met. No one was here to help. It's just survival of the fittest for everyone. So he grew into that rule. Well more of a life style.
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