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  1. I grew up in a small town on a farm in Ontario, Canada. I worked on the farm with my family milking cows, cleaning shit and harvesting crops. That was my life up until I learned that if you keep your head down, take the right classes and fortune favors you, you can become anything. I went to school to get into medicine and soon learned that I had a passion for saving those that are gravely injured. For saving those who, without my help, would've slipped away. After I finished my basic training I was sent out with a group of other interns to train and assist with an outbreak going on in Russia. I heard it was the province of Chernarus and told my family I would be gone for only 3 months. The outbreak continuously got more out of hand until it was completely out of control. The Russian Solders couldn't burn the dead fast enough and they overwhelmed the security in our Hospital. I was forced to flee through a window after I watched the last soldiers get swarmed with the dead. I managed to make it to the coast and I collapsed. I don't know how long it's been since that horrible night, but I must survive. I'm too young for my life to be thrown away in the midst of an apocalypse. I will make myself useful by finding a group of survivors to thrive in this new world and providing medical attention to those who need it.
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