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  1. hell yeah man, still new to this so any bit of experience is appreciated, Great times!
  2. As a young boy Raised in Stary Sobor, Jasper was not like the others, but not always for the better. Jasper being half Russian and half American, led to his peers always picking on him and calling him names like, "half breed" or "Soft American". He found it hard to connect with others his age as a child due to this, which led Jaspar to seek out people who were older or more mature to befriend. He could always be found by his fathers or mothers side when he was Home, which was more often than not. He was fascinated in the inner workings of all things, not just accepting his plate for diner but examining it. His father, Ivan, who served in the Military always hounded him to stop playing with his food. But Jaspar was learning never the less, Observing his mom prepare meals or even just patching up a new hole in his jeans. His mom was very good at these things, and she was even better at teaching Jasper how to execute these tasks. Jaspers mom being a teacher also made it easy for Jazz to avoid his abusive peers because his mother could homeschool him. With more time at home from schooling, he would go out with his dad to the local fishing spot and enjoy time with his father. Jaspers father was a very stern and strict man, and he instilled discipline and respect within him and expected absolutely nothing but the best from Jasper. As Jasper grew older his mother fell ill with cancer in his late teens, later Succumbing to the disease. His father grew bitter due to his wife's passing, almost taking his aggression out on Jaspar. Jaspar, who was also Heartbroken, decided he would not live with someone who would treat him in this type of way, and as soon as he was able, he left his home of Stary Sobor, and moved to the Grand city of Chernogorsk. Jasper was not sure what to expect but soon made some older buddies at a pub on the west side of the city. They hooked him up with a job as a factory worker which he held for 5 years before being let go due to budget cuts in the company from economic issues with surrounding countries. Jasper landed a Supervising position as a dock worker in Chernogorsk and was employed until the outbreak. While he was a Supervisor at the Docks he met a Lady at a pub named Tatiana, he instantly pursued her and his guts got him a Lady to call his own. They were happily married within a year and were in the works to have a child. One fateful day, Jazz was at the docks working when he received a call from the Chernogorsk Police Dept. informing him that someone had broken into his house and was attempting to steal his possesions while his wife was home, she was killed attempting to rid the house of the burgular.Jasper took it very hard, but remembering the way his father reacted during his mothers death jolted Jasper out of his depression. During the day of the outbreak, while chaos was ensuing, Ivan, Jaspars father, called him, telling him that he may have a way out of the infected zone, but the phone lines were cut short after a passenger airplane struck the International Hotel nearby. Determined to find his father, Jaspar set out on a journey that he was not quite ready for, but then again, who could be prepared for what was to come.
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