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  1. Jason b

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    I was told to do both
  2. Jason b

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    I have sent in my application.
  3. Nadeem Ullah was born in Nasdara, Takistan, growing up he saw his world was ripped apart by foriegn intrests trying to take what resources they could under the guise of peacekeeping, as a child his school was bombed by american drones trying to kill insurjents fighting against there occupation, seeing this his mindset was changed to that of a revolutionary and then joining the local al-Takizh fighters, His skills were few but his will was unyielding for the next 5 years he became a master of infiltration finding the corrupt members of his false government who turned a blind eye to his people's suffering , he would then go on too plan and execute shocking assassinations of those he deemed unfit to govern, during the war between multiple factions in takistan he found a case, inside it had vials of blood and documents detailing its use on the people of takistan killing thousands, after speking to his commander he soon set out to find out who had done this to his people and bring justice to those slaughtered by this mysterious organisation, he was told that he would find others to help him in his cause as brothers from many sects had made this journey before him, after 2 years of roaming he finally reaches the city mentioned in the notes "Elektrozavodsk", as he steps of a small fishing boat he hears a familliar sound, a firefight.
  4. pov: I am security for the mechanic shop, after the initiation with the group inside the red car a man in orange ran onto the roof and mag dumped a muslim walking away from the shop, then proceeded to strafe up the hill too the north ignoring me and my team when asked to explain himself, at this point we put the garage on lockdown all members in the garage were civilians caught in the crossfire, members of the mechanics or the security team, i take another member of the security team and head out to scout the town we go on top of the hospital to get a better look, and we bump into a muslim on the roof, he asked what the shooter was wearing and i describe the shooter to him, then me and my guy go north to the tree line to scope the active shooters now taking pot shots at our garage from the south east, as we come back down into town i spot 3 more muslims and put my gun away and hail them and explain the situation, we seperate and go back to the garage, at this point we had 1 person dead and multiple outside, we then locked up and held our ground in the compound and used megaphones to alert all non combatants to flee for safety, 2 more of our people die, i myself was hit 2 times nearly dieing both times, then we were all on our bellies whilst unknown shooters sprayed tracer rounds through our deffences, when the shooting stops the muslims are around the garage, we begin talking and come to a ceasefire they come inside and we make peace, they then begin to leave and take ricky with them for interogation, we then stayed on alert for the rest of the day.
  5. Schultz Werner was born in germany to a large family, his father was away on tour in foriegn country's, growing up he was the oldest of 5 and had his first job at a local scrap dealers by age 15, being the oldest he was always helping his mother by looking after the family when she was busy at work, by age 20 he had passed his exams and became a civil engineer contractor for the Bundeswehr employed to help improove the infastruture of failing country's up until the age of 23 he had worked on over 15 large scale projects, moving closer to the period before the outbreak he had been trained to fire a rifle, and had basic survival training due to the sometimes hostile locations he was working in, during his deployment alongside the UN in chernarus he was working on bringing power to the more rural area's within the region, based in chernogorsk when the outbreak hit the engineering firm he was stationed at was easier to deffend than most places, himself and a few others from his group welded the lower doors shut and tried to hold out, some died from malnutrition others tried to make a run for the airports, but Schultz knew by this time the army and government or what was left of it had allready abandoned the population to fend for itself, 2 months had past, living of rats he had caught in the grids of the workshop and rain water from the gutter, he had gatherd enough to try and move away from the hot zone[the coast] and figures he has a better chance of moving inland to find something, anything was better than living like this, it wasnt really living at all, his goal is to find a safe place where he can build a new life from the ashes of the old world, maybe find a group of like minded survivours, that is only a dream for now.
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