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  1. Roger grew up on the Wasatch front in Sunset, Utah. He excelled in school and became fascinated with the idea of exploring different cultures of the world. His family were big followers in the Church of Ladder Day Saints and while he attended through high school, as an adult he decided to break from the church in search of more fruitful education. He studied at the University of Connecticut. His studies in liberal arts brought him many opportunities in his early days. He was a substitute teacher in the local area schools, but it became clear to him that it was low hanging fruit. He wanted to get out of the United States and see the world. It was while at a coffee shop in a trip to Manhattan that he heard of the Chernaurus. When he looked it up for himself on his laptop he discovered the need for teachers and tutors in English. He lived in Drozhino in July of 2018 in a small shack outside the home of the Blashka Family. His work took him to Cherno and Elektro multiple times a month. He gained a solid reputation in the western region and even got along well with most military types who looked down on him as a foreigner. In the third picture above he is scene on local news clip accepting an award for Teacher of the Year. He continued to do house calls through december of 2018 and once the quarantine hit in 2019 it seemed he was out of a job and instead he began help the Blashka's around their family farm just south in Kozlovka. Roger fell in low with the youngest daughter of the Blashka family. Her name was Sophia. She was a 27 to his 33 years. The family had grown to love Roger as their own. Sophia and Roger found an apartment not far from the Blashka home in the north end of Zelenogorsk. After the vaccine they vacationed to Green Mountain where Roger asked Sophia to marry him. He'd spend many weeks preparing as he'd secretly passed the test to become a naturalized citizen. She accepted and were to be married the following year in the spring. With the third wave and civil unrest reaching a boiling point in the spring of 2020 the wedding was called off and the Blashka's including Sophia were caught in a massacre during a routine quarantine stop. Roger was devestated to say the least and he has since left the apartment that he and sophia had. He's tried to keep an optomistic outlook on the future, but struggles with the humanity in the world today. As a teacher he still tries to bring people together and keep it together in the local communities between Zelenogorsk and Elecktro.
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