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  1. After spending most of his life working for small a newspaper, Joseph wanted to take the next step in his career. He decided to set off east in search of his next big story in the Deer Isle. His journey there was not easy though. He's wandered himself into many "close ones" with the law while trying to gain access to the area through his unknown Russian connections. Once he arrived within the region, the concepts of a "Journey" and a "Career" became fiction to him. The only thing on his mind was survival. His first encounters with the infected changed him. He tried running away at every opportunity, but after a while he was forced to fight for his life. He now wanders the land in search of answers to questions he couldn't have imagined having.
  2. Sasha has lived most of his life in Norilsk, the world's northernmost city within a continuous permafrost zone. He worked for his mother as a dishwasher most of his life. He wanted more for himself. He would watch as soldiers and police officers wore their decorated attire and would wish he could trade his apron for these things. One day, this thirst and ambition for more became too much to handle. He left his home in Norilsk to join the Russian forces as he heard of the glory & decoration the soldiers were achieving. After his long journey to the Deer Isle, he learned quickly that he was a small fish in a big pond. He never joined the Russian forces due to a lack of initiative. He still wants to belong to something larger than himself to this day. But due to this frenzied flu that has now ravaged the lands, things have never looked harder for him.
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