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  1. Born in 1981 and raised in the inner city streets of Camden, NJ (USA), Chef Dave has been surviving all of his life. He has always found a way to get the most out of every situation. After graduating high school in 1999 Dave joined the Navy to become a cook. From 2001 to 2009 He traveled the world preparing meals for countless sailors aboard the USS Ronald Regan. After 2 4 year tours of duty. Now Chef Dave retired form the Navy and started a new life back home in Jersey. He opened up his own new Café' and meet the love of his life a Pastry Chef named Shay. The two married quickly and decided to take a cruise to Northern Europe. Sometime after docking in Chernarus the couple noticed a commotion happening bellow deck. it was only after closer observation the Dave witnessed what seamed to be humans committing acts of cannibalism. Dave fought his way through the chaos and off the ship only to notice his new wife was no where in site. With fear in his heart he ran off away from the chaotic scene into the woods with hopes of finding her once again.
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