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  1. Ask him why he is always wearing grass.
  2. [GAME] Linked Words!

    Trooper Unit
  3. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    I'll give it a 7/10
  4. [GAME] Do you know the person above you?

    I know of you, but I don't think we've conversed.
  5. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Rainbow doge, meme/10
  6. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    The famous Asian! 10/10
  7. What do you listen to ?

    [video=youtube] I thought I had finally gotten this damn song out of my head...
  8. FPS drops in this patch

    Frame rate is much more stable for me this patch, although it is lower overall, I used to swing from 130 FPS to 40 FPS but now I am almost always around 50 FPS.
  9. need to know

    I don't like to stick to the archetypes, I create a character and judge how they would react given the situations they find themselves in and allow the in game interaction to mold the character into something unique and rather limitless, if you start a character with the intention of "He is a Hero" then you limit yourself to only that, at least in my opinion. ( 666th post )
  10. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Haven't seen a picture of Axel Rose in a long time, 8/10
  11. The Game

    Shark... I was in there for a few seconds... why
  12. Chem light Dance party!!!!

    Yeah, it does sound like fun but when you take into account how far along we are into the apocalypse and the effort that would be needed to actually put this together from an RP perspective, maybe I am just cynical and boring but yeah.. doesn't make sense to me.
  13. [GAME] How does the person above you die?

    Could be worse -skip me pls-
  14. [Game] Corrupt a wish

    Wish granted, someone else wishes for your wishes to be corruptible, thus overruling your wish, you get no wish. I wish for a Chow-Chow