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  1. Born in Russia and raised by a small Belarusian family in Novokuznetsk, Jan passed through the days rather aimlessly in his younger years, completing his schoolwork and playing outside with friends as per the norm, but he always felt as though some facet of life was missing. He worked for his father, who owned a butcher shop in Novokuznetsk, and planned to follow in the footsteps of his father. One day as he went about his normal business in the shop he was greeted by a long lost childhood friend, a girl named Anastasia who lived in his neighborhood until about age 9. Jan felt something special with this girl, immediately pursuing her as a cure for the emptiness he felt in his day to day life. His relationship with Anastasia was everything he could have wanted, their love for one another was truly magical. They would frequently travel about in the countryside, taking in mountain ranges and riverbeds as forms of entertainment. They knew they could find peace and serenity as long as they had one another, and nature by their side. In November of 2018, immediately following the integration of Chernarus into the Russian Federation, Jan received an offer from his uncle Ivan. Ivan was planning to start up a butcher shop of his own in the city of Elektrozavodsk, and wanted an experienced Butcher working the shop. He offered a sizable upgrade in pay from what his father could muster, and the apartment which Ivan offered to Jan and his love Anastasia was too sweet a deal to refuse. For a bit, the new life they found in Chernarus was pretty ideal for them, they had independence from their families, and most importantly they had each other. Once the outbreak of the Frenzied Flu had hit, Jan was quick to be impacted. His mother contracted the disease first, in February, and was dead in a week. In April, Jan's uncle Ivan also came down with the illness. After he was sent home and deemed recovered, Jan came to visit his uncle with Anastasia. Ivan seemed to be recovering, just a bit confused and agitated, almost expected after going through such an ordeal in the hospital. While he was with his uncle, Jan received a call from a friend, claiming that he had been attacked by an agitated homeless man while taking out the trash. Ivan stepped out to his car to calm down his friend on the phone and eventually picked up and went back inside. When he re-entered the house his world came crumbling down. He saw Ivan, or what was left of him, attacking his love Anastasia on the floor of the bedroom, and it was already too late for her. He didn't know what to do, or how to begin to process these emotions. His immediate reaction was to strike the agitated Ivan with a lamp sitting nearby, and once Ivan fell to the floor he retreated from the house with the corpse of his beloved, and a heavy heart. Jan spent time mourning his losses, but the time to sit still and stew in emotions would not last, as the situation in Chernarus soon turned the country to a wasteland. So Ivan picked himself up, not knowing his own objective other than to survive, to live for his love Anastasia as she would have wanted him to.
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