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  1. Puck is a hick from Montana that has lived in the backwoods his whole life he loves hiking hunting and smoking that kush. He was left alone in a cabin at the age of 11 he knows little words but still gets around well. most of his days are spent traveling places and making moonshine. He planned a hiking trip in Chernarus near the start of January 2020 for a hiking expedition for a couple months where things popped off sometime after.
  2. I was born in Moscow, i was a farm boy until i was 18 then i joined the GVMU as a doctor. My job was to save lives during combat excursions before the outbreak in Chernarus. Before my birthday in February the virus was getting out of control it spread to my platoon where most of them became infected. Me and some others locked them in the barracks we gathered supplies and made a plan to escape the infected base. I was eventually separated while looking for water for the rest of the squad when they were ambushed by a horde of citizens which deteriorated into a riot near the compound they were outnumbered 5 to 1 when i returned the rest of the men were striped of their gear and weapons and executed nothing was left. I was left with little gear like my akm with mags and just some water a recently acquired. I was alone and lost on what i should do next but something told me there are still soldiers and people out there that need my help. As i set out for my lonely travels i think the best thing i could do is find a group and build a hospital. i need to find medical supplies and food and get to the vybor airfield that was where my childhood friend ivan rusk was stationed. Me and him met at school and became close ever since. We hunted growing up together and dreamed about joining the military. I cant imagine whats hes going through right now i must find him, if hes still out there....
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