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  1. Born to Chinese-Malay parents in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Oliver was no stranger to the scenic forests and idyllic meadows of eastern Canada. He had lived a normal life, an above-average student making his way through University whilst working a myriad jobs to fund his schooling. During the summers, he would work as a laborer alongside his close friends where they would often discuss fun places to travel and visit. During the winters, he would spend most his time online- soon developing a close relationship with a girl he had met from eastern Europe, and soon enough, he had made travel arrangements to go and visit her in Chernarus. After landing, Oliver had decided to spend some time exploring, oblivious to the impending apocalypse that would soon transpire, and began to experience first-hand the effects of the Flu that plagued the country. Before he knew it, he found himself isolated, being forced to relocate to camps as the disease began to grow more severe. All Oliver could think about was the fate of his long-distance friend, and had made it his goal to try and find her. He was always known to be very loyal, enthusiastic, selfless, and risk-taking.
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