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  1. Jack Herrick was born in Cincinatti, Ohio. He never knew his mother and father. Having grown in an impoverished neighborhood over the Rhine, he spent his early childhood in an impoverished household in a neighborhood full of crime that was the center of a heroine epidemic. Jack's father was shot and killed before he was born. His mother would overdose by the time he was five years old. Jack was the black sheep of kids in the foster system, or so he viewed himself. Bounced around from one household to another, Jack could never assimilate well with those who sought to give him some sort of stability, or more often than most, earn some sort of paycheck at Jack's expense. He was a loner by nature. He learned that no one was ever truly looking out for his best interests, and at a young age Jack learned to take care of himself by slinging dope in the streets and finding his own way in his adolescence. But despite his hardened upbringing, Jack's mind developed a brilliance that far exceeded his peers. He gained the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency when he qualified for the GATE program in the American Board of Education. Having a uniquely high IQ, and having no ties to anyone made him an ideal candidate for the Central Intelligence Agency's clandestine program. He eventually was moved to a 'suited' foster home where he would be groomed for a higher education and a reverence for American patriotism. By the time he was 18, he enlisted into the Marine Corps where he spent 8 years as a MARSOC Raider, even spending his first combat tour in Operation Red Harvest with the 34th Expeditionary Unit, and several subsequent tours in Takistan. It was shortly thereafter, the CIA approached Herrick for the Clandestine Service, where his mind would be put to better use to be used in conjunction with his physical and tactical prowess. Having been offered a hell of a paycheck, Jack took the opportunity, having always been a nomad, it was a suited lifestyle for him. Little did he know that the next 8 years working for the CIA would take him back to where it all began. Making the transition from Field Agent to Handler, Jack's primary objective was pushing NATO interests with anti-russian assets within the now Soviet state. He worked the field only when he had too, given the political climate between Russia and the United States at the time. He was a professional. But he was flawed, and human, and somewhere in his years spent there working with NAPA and the CLF to undermine CSR efforts, the lines were blurred between business and personal interests. One particular individual, Natasha Kobin, an intelligence officer of the Republic Army of Chernarus, turned US informant, would prove to become Jack's weakness. A romantic relationship developed betweent he beautiful Natasha and Jack, and what had once been leverage to push Natasha to do things Jack needed her to do, had slowly developed into a genuine trust and reliance on one another. While Jack was ultimately pulled out of Chernarus shortly after the assassination of Lopotev, Natasha Kobin still managed to get word to him from time to time. The last letter the Jack recieved from Natasha was just before the outbreak. When she revealed that her now four year old son, was Jack's. Jack smuggled his way into the country, abandoning his post and duties with the CIA to help extract Natasha and her child just before the pandemic. His arrival however would come promptly after the breakout began destroying Chernarus and all semblance of order. Natasha, and Jack's son, Aleksandr, were no where to be found and Jack found himself in a fight for survival in a world gone to hell. It was not long before he lost all contact with the West... and he would have to continue his search for Natasha on his own - an outlander wandering through a vast and desolate wasteland.
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