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  1. Born in 1995 Tomasz was an casual man living his life on one of Polish neighbours. He never exactly knew what to do with his future life, so after few tries and his father's persuasion he decided to join Polish Army motivated by good incomes and fast retirement. He became an soldier in 2015. In 2020 he and his company were sent to one of Chernarus borders with a stabilisation mission. Situation was worse and worse each day. Deprived of communication, running out of food and water the company still stationed on border post until this last feral night. Horrific scream woke him and his company up at the middle of the night. Ready to defend their station they moved all together to investigate scream which was coming from guard post. However no one was ready for what was the source of trouble. When they reached guard post, two pvt's were already dead, four other strangers were ripping them apart piece by piece. Soldiers react immediately, strangers attacked them with wild animal instinct, soldiers opened fire. -It took almost whole clip to down one of them, what are they? **Heavily noise from bushes, tens of infected storms the military post - multiple gunfire** -Czarny is down!! Rudy secure him!! NAWROCKI WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! And he just left, ran away and left his team to death. _____ Actually he wanders alone across Chernarus looking for supplies and other precious items which might be traded for other goods, especially alcohol and drugs.
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