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  1. Dante was born late night in Alaska. Weighing in at 12lbs at birth he was a large baby with a very large birthmark on his back that looked like a wolfs head. Shortly after Dante was born his family moved away from the city and headed up north to a large plot of land his father had purchased after selling his fishing boat fleet. they moved away to teach Dante to live off the land and not rely on society to function in case there was ever a break down or a catastrophic event. Dante started being home schooled at 4 years old he was taught everything a public school child was and he was a quick learner as well. He excelled in math and was very quick to solve very challenging problems. Unfortunately after finishing his 8th home school year Dantes father died when he crossed into a pack of wolves territory. Dante having been helping his father since he was a young boy with work around the house had to take over and he could no longer continue with school. Loosing his father and having all the new responsibility that came with it was hard on Dante he went from a playful happy person to a hard working very serious no joking around man. Dante is a guy who will help any stranger who is in need but is very careful on how much help he gives. He likes to keep a few close friends around but large crowds make him nervous he also tries to avoid large citys because nothing good ever came from a loud city he likes to say. Dante is skilled in hunting forging building shelters and cabins. He is very good with directions and keeping on the path. He is a serious man but still loves some good jokes and has a very hearty laugh. Dante has a weakness for coffee and will make questionable trade for the stuff.
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