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  1. Aka "Red" Silent is a Japanese-American private analyst for the US & Japan's Joint Naval Base, "Misawa Air Base", located near Hokkaido, Japan. His occupation was cartography for different terrains. Did a few tours with the Navy for 4 years, was granted candidacy for Navy's SEALS, and passed. Few missions with seals for 2 years, then retired to a private analyst, working a desk job behind doors, working from 9-5pm. Heads home to his loving wife, Alice Silent, and daughter named, Umami Silent. The Outbreak happened, disease spread as far as their neighboring nation, Japan, Red came home with distressing news for his wife and daughter, but only to found them shot, with all of their valuables and jewelry missing, most suspected of a robbery. He was distraught at what has happened, the only thing he took from his house was an undamaged family picture of now his dead family. He looked everywhere in Japan for a safe haven, but instead granted a safe passage on sea... It was not safe. The ferry ended up sinking due to boat pirates, and jumped off the boat with others as they tried to fled. Red became undetected as he was using another dead body as decoy. He afloated unconciously after several hours passed by, and found himself awoke on a pebble beaches of Chernarus.
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