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  1. Owen was on a scouting mission before the outbreak with his wife and while they was flying over there there plane started taking fire and was shout out the sky luckily Owen was not injured but his Wife was missing out of the plane and her body was no where to be seen. Owen then went to around looking the for his Wife and then while he was walking through the Forrest where the plane crash landed he heard people he thought it was survivors of the Plane crash (turned out he was wrong very wrong) he went up to the people they was camped out and had a campfire ready for the upcoming night Owen went up to the people and ask them if they have seen a women wall pass here and they all looked at each other and laughed while they was cooking something after that there she was my Wife was there but she was dead and her leg was missing the three men stood up and said '' you should walk away pal and never come back here''. Owen had started getting worried of them three and then all drew there weapons and started aiming there guns at Owen. Owen had some experience dealing with people like this but these guys were wired and Owen still had no idea what was going on in the area. So Owen moved back and started walking away then all of a sudden it was all black and Owen woke up at the Beach of this town he didn't know and had no memory of the past encounter ;.......
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