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  1. Shaun Coleman was born in the U.S. For most of his life, he lived in Brooklyn, New York. Shaun had a fairly rich family, his father was well known around his neighborhood for helping the homeless people and his mother was a psychiatrist. His father, Mr. William was very grateful for the lives of their children, he wanted Shaun and his sister to be a bright soul to others in a chaotic world. Shaun started to study at a young age along with the important knowledge being given by his parents. As he grew older, he dissasociated with his parents way of living and wanted to mind his own life. At the age of 18, he started to train to become a firefighter and somewhat translate the morals that Mr.William passed over to him. Nowadays at the age of 20, his parents wanted to force him and his sister to go to a family trip in Chernarus, where they spent a whole month and a week before their trip was about to finish, they got locked in the country. Now months later after the start of the apocalypse, Shaun is by himself. His family tragically died to the hands of the infected.
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