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  1. brandon Field was born in 1991 in Chernarus to his father Kevin and his mother Jessica. his grandparents immigrated in the 1960's. he grew up in a small town called Solnichniy directly at the coast. he is an only child and his childhood was decent. his mum had a lot of time for him as she was a stay at home mum. his father risked his life everyday as he was working at the local police. scot went to school in Berezino and in his teens he already knew that he wanted to become a doctor. he finished school with good grades and was privileged enough to start his studies in the Hospital of Berezino. he moved out, got his own little apartment near the hospital and worked hard. he was grateful that his parents could financially support him as you dont earn a lot of money... well, at least not as a young student. In the beginning of 2020 scot already worked actively in the hospital. They got word that the flu this year is aggressive and kind of different but was under control.. at first... till the 3rd wave hit. Soon the hospital was full of patients. scot saw many people die. he tried to help everyone but only a few patients compared to the dead ones recovered and could been sent home. During this time he often worked 48hour shifts, slept in the hospital and even forgot to eat till some nurses gave him some. Even during the quarantine he worked, trying to stay in contact with his parents till the day they did not respond to his phonecalls anymore. First he did not think about it too much but after 3 days he got nervous. It was end of March when he first heard of people which seemed fine did change and it was to this time he lost contact to her family. Military came into town and roadblocks where build during quarantine and it became almost impossible for scot to reach his hometown, especially as he was needed as doctor in the hospital. So he stayed, trying to reach his parents everyday with his phone, getting more nervous every hour. Soon he heard more and more reports of aggressive and violent people on the streets, attacking people, trying to kill them, till hr saw it first hand happening at the hospital. In fear for his life and for his parents safety he left and tried to reach her parents. It took him hours to finally arrive at his house just to find his parents dead in their garden. After 3 days staying at home, heartbroken and hopeless, he gathered all the stuff he needed before he tried making his way back to the hospital just to find everything in chaos.
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