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  1. If you really want to keep your good shit safe go stash it where no one is going to find it, put a gun rack in the forest or something.
  2. *A slight but familiar Slavic accent would come onto the radio* "Hello, this is the man you robbed on the side of the road just outside Bor. I heard that you live in Zelenogorsk and that your names are Declan and Brady. I want to have a talk with you boys and maybe we can come to some agreement, Ano? And if we cant.... then... oh well" *He would release the PTT*
  3. Carswell

    Snowball's Images

    A collection of photos from a vast array of adventures
  4. First of all I would like to apologise for causing just a kerfuffle, and to @beatbapple669 I am extremely sorry. And secondly I completely understand any punishment I get from this. Okay I'm not sure what exactly happened, but I can assure you that this was a complete mistake. I am completely clueless about this it doesn't make any sense to me but, my whole recollection of the event is from my memory, so everything might not be perfect. Here is my POV of this situation: At the time of Rebecca Hudson's death (19:24:47 | Player "Rebecca Hudson" (DEAD) (pos=<6671.9, 11161, 15.
  5. Early Life 2000 - 2015 Matthew "Snowball" Valdiva born in October of 2000 in Adelaide, South Australia was a troubled child. Although being quiet and quite reserved he often found himself getting into troubled situations. Both of his parents worked for the ADF (Australian Defence Force) but never spoke of their work when Matthew was around. He would be an only child due to his older sister that died during a depressing birthing situation. This would mean that Matthew would always seem to be the introverted type, during his first years of schooling he only had a close circle of friends that h
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