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  1. Matthew Valdiva born in October of 2001 in Adelaide, South Australia was a troubled child. At an early age, Matthew was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, struggling with the early years of schools he was sent to an assisted early learning centre. In his early teens, he seemed continually unstable and when lashed out and beat a teacher he was sent to juvenile centre to be 'rehabilitated'. In juvenile prison, he experienced his first encounter with drugs, violence, and sex. He spent most of his teens in the juvenile centre because he was unable to escape the cycle of reoffending, his early addiction to prescribed medication grew worse longer he was trapped in. During his time in the juvenile centre, he had a weekly call with his great aunt, who told him stories of her homeland (Chernarus). He grew infatuated with the idea of living in the forests of South Zagoria, but he knew his condition limited him to being trapped forever. So whenever he could he stashed maps and encyclopedias in his room. He studied his homeland of Chernarus and was planning to move there as soon as possible. In early 2019 he was released at the age of 17 and was planning his move to Chenerus, but with the news of the virus was coming out of Sydney, Australia his plans were stopped. Soon all outer and inter-state travel was banned. Matthew tried to live out the rest of the year on the streets, but on a lonely night, he was caught beating a dead dog in a side street. Thinking he was infected, police shot him in the head which luckily grazed his right cheek. He fell to the ground immediately and was taken into custody. Following a psychological evaluation, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was sent to a special psychiatric facility (Glenside Hospital) in Northern Sydney, Australia. His time there was mostly spent trying to get high by crushing pills and planning an escape. By early 2020 he escaped in the dead of night and got on the first plane out of Sydney to London. He then caught a plane to Novigrad and rented a car to move to Chernogaruk. He arrived by late February whilst political tensions were still high. He tried to camp in the forest but his addiction medication was always getting him in trouble with local authorities. He learnt to camp and steal before the 3rd wave of infections spread throughout Chenerus. Having a big enough stash of food and water he camped alone in the forest for long as he could but with resources running low he has to scavenge just to survive.
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