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  1. Just a bartender from the UK if your not going to pay for your drink well get out . What do you need to know about me what im tall and handsome never been with nobody though never had the time from going to school to working on my car which is still back at home man i wish i could have it back now but well you know how that is I've worked my ass off in high school even though it was well not that fun wasnt popular didnt win any fancy fucking awards just got trough it and hell bar-tending school let me tell you that was hell on earth but at least one good thing came out of that. i learned how to sing a bit now i'm not saying im billy idol but im decent alright. Most of my life was the same except never knew my dad that well apparently he and i had the same taste in booze though gotta love my rum. sadly i dont have any family left my mum passed before i could even tell her i was moving to this place i was only 23 so it delayed my trip well kinda glad it did a little so im just trying to make my all here and hope shit gets straightened out .
  2. Redbond9

    A call to friends. (Ender's Private frequency)

    *Rosenfield would pick his radio back up and press the button* "I'm in Kab at the moment why where do you need me?" *he would sound groggy and slightly tired he releases the ptt button and lays back on the makeshift bed*
  3. Redbond9

    A call to friends. (Ender's Private frequency)

    *Rosenfield would pick up his radio and sigh* Evening Ender To what do i owe this broadcast? *he would release it and he picks back up his rum smiling and drinks from the bottle*
  4. Redbond9

    The Marshal's Mind

    All i can say to this is Damn. but on a lighter note table full of jimmy's and a logan. Fantastic read cant wait for the next episode.
  5. Fell off of the roof of the police station once with zombies hitting me left and right. Wanna know the kicker landed in the garbage cans down below. FML
  6. thanks to @Chewy , @Stitches and the gang of novy svet for the great rp today had a ton of fun
  7. Redbond9

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *the radio sparks to life* Bring him to me ill look at him. *he lifts the radio button and sighs*
  8. Redbond9

    Remove the group advertisement banners [Petition]

    +1 to roach's statement. In my opinion it should be moved and it wouldn't be that bad
  9. Redbond9

    Remove the group advertisement banners [Petition]

    Hell ya
  10. *A crackle in the fireplace wakes the man in the old weathered chair. He reals over his head in his hands swearing under his breath he attempts to get up and as he moves his hand over to the arm of the chair he feels ....Unbalanced a feeling he's not used to. He then falls over knocking the wind out of himself his vision blurred he looks around the long since abandoned house seeing that its just the crack of dawn, He begins to speak a soft British accent sweeping trough the air like a knife trough warm butter* "Finally morning .... *Sighs softly* and just after my favorite part of my dream was coming up... Well i better get moving if i want to get dinner tonight and maybe a little bit more hunting would be good for me to regain everything." *After being said he feels a strong pain in the back of his head, Like a tsunami and a typhoon were fighting for dominance in the back of his skull. He reeled in pain and clenched his teeth as hard as he could trying to remember the reason why he was doing this, then he slightly remembered the words. "I'm not doing this for anyone but myself....But you were the only one to notice this so i guess is should stop before i kill myself even more." *he got back up after the memory flashed for him punching the wall slightly to make him feel pain elsewhere to distract him enough, he stumbles for a bit grabbing his bag and gets some headache meds starting to deal with all of the pain in his mind and now his middle knuckle he mutters something about being a moron but he recalls that he kinda earned it. He grabs his ak and the bag sighing and downs the meds with some water and heads out the door the brisk wind cutting trough his stubble chin he heads for the woods to pick up the trail that was left the other day.* "Let's see do i want rabbit tonight or do i want deer." *he gives a quick smile as a fox comes running to him with a piece of cloth in his mouth waggling his tail He takes the cloth and looks it over.* "Good boy go inside and get some rest and food sly." *He begins to look over the cloth and smiles clenching his fist and smiling* "Found you." *After 2 1/2 hours of tracking trough the woods and about seven pain killers he finally finds the cottage that his associate was staying in he walked over to it and simply knocked three times no theme no secret knock just tap tap tap, after a man yells saying ill be there in a bit The man checks the receiver of the weapon seeing that a bullet is at the ready if needed.* *The man opens the door and looks at him in disbelief.* "Rosenfield....We thought I...I mean we didnt know that you had survived this long. What are you doing here." *He stands shocked not sure to go for the weapon in his pocket or to hug him and then shoot him but a bad taste appeared in his mouth.* "So Sorry to have disturbed you Charles but you and I have a long over due conversation to partake in please have a seat." *he stares deeply into his eyes no emotion on his face but rifle held tight in his hands. Charles has a seat and Rosenfield stands in front of him expressionless just waiting for one thing to seem wrong.* " Yes what is it what we need to talk about." *he begins to sweat bullets even at the 0 degrees outside he starts to panic a bit holding the gun closely to himself.* " Well for starters whats this about you are going to kill my entire family and take control of my home thats for starters and then we'll talk about what im going to do to you after im done talking with you." *he points the rifle at him and stares into his eyes.* *Charles panics and pulls the pistol from his pocket he squeezes one shot off but Rosenfield pulls the trigger and doesnt stop till its empty. He sighs and then looks at his pant leg seeing some blood and a graze wound. "fucking lucky prick!" he bashes Charles head with the butt of the rifle looking for some cloth and some rubbing alcohol For his wound. * *Doesn't that sound nice some good old fashion alcohol mouth watering honey flavored whiskey right there take it no one would notice it being gone. Rosenfield reaches for the bottle opens it up and brings it to his nose the aroma filling his nostrils the temptation so sweet just to have one sip and then save the rest for later think of what Amy would say about this bottle or your brother or even Anna . Go on you have been trough alot you earned this.....* *He lifts the bottle to his lips....but stops and corks it back up wrapping it up and placing it in his bag whilst tending to his wounds....* "maybe another day or lifetime but i cant i made a promise and i cant break it." *His head continues to thump even after he caught two rabbits and had dinner he still stared at the bottle wondering if it would be worth it.* To Be Continued...
  11. Redbond9

    Oblivion to Solace

    Twas amazing to read hun happy to see your writing
  12. +1 I think this should get looked at more due to i don't want to worry about going to my friend and saying i dont like this person for this reason then they ban me for no reason aside for I was expressing my Feeling... plus i think people need to get some thicker skin as Jimmy above has said and just chill.
  13. Redbond9

    A Mind going Home-The Story of Luciano wills (Updated 09-23-2016)

    I guess His rose will be needed. <3