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  1. Just a bartender from the UK if your not going to pay for your drink well get out . What do you need to know about me what im tall and handsome never been with nobody though never had the time from going to school to working on my car which is still back at home man i wish i could have it back now but well you know how that is I've worked my ass off in high school even though it was well not that fun wasnt popular didnt win any fancy fucking awards just got trough it and hell bar-tending school let me tell you that was hell on earth but at least one good thing came out of that. i learned how to sing a bit now i'm not saying im billy idol but im decent alright. Most of my life was the same except never knew my dad that well apparently he and i had the same taste in booze though gotta love my rum. sadly i dont have any family left my mum passed before i could even tell her i was moving to this place i was only 23 so it delayed my trip well kinda glad it did a little so im just trying to make my all here and hope shit gets straightened out .
  2. *Rosenfield would pick his radio back up and press the button* "I'm in Kab at the moment why where do you need me?" *he would sound groggy and slightly tired he releases the ptt button and lays back on the makeshift bed*
  3. *Rosenfield would pick up his radio and sigh* Evening Ender To what do i owe this broadcast? *he would release it and he picks back up his rum smiling and drinks from the bottle*
  4. Finally i can play on Bohemia servers again. finally 

    1. RogueSolace



  5. All i can say to this is Damn. but on a lighter note table full of jimmy's and a logan. Fantastic read cant wait for the next episode.
  6. Fell off of the roof of the police station once with zombies hitting me left and right. Wanna know the kicker landed in the garbage cans down below. FML
  7. So half way done with my review but good news its a game that has a great story, lovable characters and fluid combat and I'm only 12 hours into it and its a 164 hour long game so lets see how deep this lovely rabbit hole goes


    1. Bun


      : D yeah dude!

  8. If you are curious as to why you wont see me for a couple of days here is why in gif form 


    My next review lol

  9. thanks to @Chewy , @Stitches and the gang of novy svet for the great rp today had a ton of fun
  10. but untill then enjoy this 


  11. Still working on the new piece of lore for Rosenfield's new journal so bear with me it'll be up soon

  12. Takin out the trash; with Jimmy Rosenfield ^_^



    1. Sxcomba


      I want to know the backstory to this picture 

    2. Buddy


      I'm sure that Jimmy would LOVE to share it with us when he pokes his head in xD

    3. Redbond9


      I fell off a roof from a zombie and i thought i would survive if i landed on the garbage bins so there is the story 

  13. *the radio sparks to life* Bring him to me ill look at him. *he lifts the radio button and sighs*
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