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  1. Thanks for all of the fun RP today @MarcLR, @nrmoser1992, @Oryx and @Blackfyre!
  2. I am out of beanz. BUT, much appreciated @JorrdanVC
  3. Thanks for the ride from Stary today guys. Much appreciation I look forward to more encounters with you all in the future!
  4. Had an amazing day of RP today. Thanks to everyone who I was able to interact with!
  5. Thanks for the awesome RP today @Para and the rest of S-GRU crew! I look forward to more in the future And of course I enjoyed the time spent with you guys as well @nrmoser1992, @Blackfyre, and @Oryx.
  6. As always, thanks for the RP today, guys! @nrmoser1992 @Blackfyre
  7. The reason @DrBrain can't leave us unattended. @nrmoser1992 @Blackfyre
  8. Thanks for the congratulations y'all! As @nrmoser1992 said, let the exciting times come!
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