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  1. Love these graphics, they're absolutely insane! Can't wait to run into you guys in game!
  2. I'd like to tag along on these shenanigans. @JRP
  3. @Olipro you've no idea how close I was to stealing those rubles off of you
  4. *** WIP *** Devin Fox was born in 1998 to a single mother living in Woodstock, IL. Growing up, she lived a fairly troubling life. With her mom always at work trying to support both Devin and her older brother Tatum as well as her own drug addiction, it was a rare occurrence for the family to actually sit down and spend time with each other. Instead, it would be Tatum who practically raised and supported Devin with the help of their mom’s income. By the time he reached High school, Tatum was already burnt out on having to live the “adult” lifestyle. To help relieve the str
  5. Again, I only heard the conversation up to the point of them getting him on the ground and removing his items. This was in passing as I was not involved directly in taking him hostage. I imagine the reasoning for ordering for him to stop speaking before he was on the ground, however, would have been to ensure he wasn't speaking into his radio. The others will have to be the ones to answer that for you directly, however.
  6. Hiya! You bring up an excellent point in that trimming a video can be considered “withholding evidence”. I’d like to, in return, point out the fact that in the video that was posted later, the FULL video, it is clear that the only bit that had been trimmed was OOC banter. This isn’t “evidence” of great importance to the report. We discussed how the raid went and what we could have done better. The reason it had been trimmed was to prevent from stirring up bad blood between members of the community. As you said, the GM’s usually ask for the screenshot of the file properties. So
  7. From what I heard, that was all he said before being stripped of his radio.
  8. In response to Duplessis: When I was exiting the office building, I heard @bur calling out “What’s up fuckers?! Yeah, I own this compound!” This was when he was walking up, immediately before he was taken hostage. Once he was being stripped of his radio and such, I turned and continued helping with loading the cars, so I didn't hear anything further from him.
  9. Hai! Hope everyone is doing well Here is my POV of the events and how they unfolded: After having spent a lengthy time (at least an hour, if not longer) scouting and gaining information on the transporter's compound and whereabouts, I joined the rest (those listed in “Allies Involved” in original post) in attacking the compound. The attack began with one member of the Duchy and one member of The Lost Highway initiating. After the initiation, @Uncle Ban then proceeded to begin taking down the walls with an RPG. Once the wall was successfully removed and we were i
  10. Yeah, I second this. I always make sure to eat right up until when the white stomach icon pops up, then stop. It’s insane how much you can eat past the full hunger meter. When completely full, I personally don’t find depletion to be an issue at all. I could maybe see the nutrition values of food being adjusted a bit to seem more realistic, however.
  11. At the front of the barn (The last screenshot) there was two doors set up with code locks; the one that remains and the side one that was destroyed to get inside. Following that, there was a divider containing another three walls. One of these were taken down to get past the divider. After the divider is the room we set up. In the top screenshot you can see a bit of the skeleton of the room remaining. This room was 2 walls by 1 wall with a ceiling, taking 7 walls total to make up. 5 of these were taken down. Following the room a bit is another three wall divider. None of these were messed with
  12. We don't know an exact number of days, but we had been raided a few times before not long ago so most of the walls were recently rebuilt. As for the meat in the fridge mentioned, most all of that was cooked and placed in the fridge just last night. I could see the walls being despawned as a possibility if it were all of them we had built at once and not just a select few.
  13. Server and location: S1, Vyshnoye Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 04/18/2021 Time Unknown Your in game name: Mallory Jane Names of allies involved: Edward Crane ( @MrCrane ) Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): - Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 3 Screenshots Detailed description of the events: At about 8:30am (EST) @MrCrane and myself logged into the game inside of our base. We noticed a couple of walls down, ones that would need to be knocked down in order to get inside
  14. Always fun RP between Leo and Mal
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