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  1. As @Frozh said, i met him there and the shop was closed. We decided to go to the NW airfield but turned back as soon as we got there because of the russians "owning" the place. We were on the hill outside of stary and we saw what we thought were russians initiating on a few people, so we decided to move a bit further out and wait a while. I then decided i wanted to see if the russians were still there so i stashed some stuff (Automatic weapons and anything i deemed illegal to the russians) and i headed down thats when i saw the door was knocked down on the shop but at the time i had only ran past quick so i thought the shop was open. I then went back up to @Frozh who was near my stashed loot and said its clear and the shop was open. When we got down there was people there who said the russians had broken in and taken stuff. People were trading so i tried to see if i could swap my "illegal weapons" for a bolt action or semi autocmatic. I had no luck as everyone was talking over each other. @Frozh and i headed to get water from the water pump and had a little chat. We then decided to go back to the shop where two people were initiating on the people on the bus. They then turned and initiated on us but we already had our guns out so when they aimed and shot we shot back i believe Killing both of them , but we also both died in the process. Whilst everone was trading, there were a few people moving stuff to the bus and uaz on about moving out because its not safe because the russians are coming back. I didn't hear a lot of the conversations due to having an ear infection IRL so im currently deaf in my right ear so i missed a lot of people talking.
  2. Michael is from the outskirts of london. He got into alot of trouble with a local gang, which mean't he had to move around a bit to keep himself safe. After a while he decided he wanted a fresh start and didnt want to keep on running. He was speaking to a friend who had previously moved to Chernarus. Hes came up with the idea that Michael should come move to Chernarus for a while, until the situation at home settles down. Michael was hesitant at first but in the end he decided to pack his bags, book a ticket and get on the plane. he arrived at his friends house it was a small apartment in a town called Berezino. Michael felt out of place at first but he would soon feel like he fit in. A few months have passed and it was time for Michael to head home. He said his farewells to his friend left for the airfield. As soon as he arrived there was a lot of panick and he was told no planes are to enter nor leave the airfield. he asked a guard what was going on and he told Michael about the virus. Michael had heard about this a few weeks back but didn't think much of it. He was advised to head back to his friends house and stay inside until this was all sorted. He headed back to his friends to see the door was wide open and hear groaning noises coming from inside. He called out his friends name but there was no answer. Michael walked up to the door to see his friends body lying there in a pool of blood whilst a pale corpse looking figure was hovering over him. the figure turned and ran at him. Michael jumped out the way and run for his life, where he started to notice more and more of these pale looking people. he managed to escape and found a group of people who filled Michael in on what has happened. Michael didn't know what to, all he could think about is whether this virus is just here or has it infected the whole world...
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